In Protest to the Crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The activists of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas in the U.S.

The activists of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas in Canada

Demonstration in front of UN building in New York

We have gathered here today to express our dissent to the presence of Hassan Rouhani, a criminal who is attending the United Nations General Assembly as the president of the freedom-killing Islamic Republic regime and who is welcomed by the UN’s ruling powers. Hassan Rouhani is the president of a regime which is the manifestation of terror, suppression and the pillage of millions of the oppressed people of Iran. The official media subordinate of the ruling powers are trying to portray this criminal Mullah as a “moderate” person who allegedly represents the people of Iran and who has come to power to improve the people’s lives and to implement economic and political reforms within the ruling dictatorship in Iran, which is nothing but a “Goebbelsian” lie!

We have gathered here today to urge the freedom-loving and peace-loving public not to be deceived by the propagations of the official state-run media or the world ruling powers about the Islamic Republic and its President Rouhani who is Khamenei’s pawn. From the very first days of the anti-people existence of the Islamic Republic regime, Mullah Rouhani has been a key agent in the decision-making organizations, therefore, throughout the 35 year reign of this regime, his hands have always been drenched in the blood of workers and toilers, students and women, youths, religious minorities and all oppressed masses.

Mullah Rouhani, a puppet of the Supreme Clergy, came to office by promising economic improvement, an open political atmosphere, and resolving the people’s economic and social problems. The deceitful official media run by the capitalists and the imperialists in US and Europe, whose interests are tied with the survival of the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic, have also tried to inject the very same lies into the minds of the freedom-loving people of the world and to cleanse the vicious face of the Islamic Republic by propagating for this guileful Mullah. However, his Presidency is not only void of any sign of positive and democratic change but, in fact, the suppressive policies implemented by his government have surpassed those of his predecessor; Ahmadinejad, in terms of torture, execution, repression and crimes. Indeed, his government is now a record breaker of execution in Iran. Within the past year and half since his Presidency none of the basic and ordinary economic and social demands of the people have been fulfilled. He is, in fact, a new puppet in the hands of local and international capitalists and put into office during the current critical situation in order to safeguard the interests of the imperialist powers and global plunderers, and to suppress the struggles of the Iranian people for freedom.

We have gathered here today, to give a voice to the voiceless masses of Iran, who are part of “the 99%” sector of the world, and to proclaim that Mullah Rouhani, a criminal pawn who is attending the United Nations General Assembly, has been the champion of the year for executions and public hangings throughout the country. Within the past year, under the Presidency of Rouhani, poverty and unemployment and hunger have risen. Workers, political activists, women, religious minorities, youths, students and all other freedom-loving people have been subject to persecution and torture. And it is for this reason too that during the government of this infamous Mullah, he and his anti-people regime of the Islamic Republic have been the target of the protests and strikes and struggles of workers, women, students and the youth.

We have gathered here today, to call upon all conscientious freedom-loving people of the world to condemn the presence of this criminal Mullah at the United Nations General Assembly, and to support the righteous and independent struggles of the people of Iran for the overthrow of the entirety of the imperialist-dependent regime of the Islamic Republic together with all its anti-people factions, and for freedom and true democracy in Iran!

Support the struggles of the people of Iran against the criminal regime of Islamic Republic!

Down with Islamic Republic, with all its factions!

The activists of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas in the U.S.

The activists of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas in Canada

September 2014

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