To Be Against War, One Should Not Feel Obligated to Be on the Side of the Islamic Republic Despotic Regime of Iran!

Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

To all progressive and freedom loving people, to those people who rightly so, are against possible war between US and Iran: 

As progressive people, it is our duty to be against any Imperialist war.  It is our duty to expose the war crimes being committed by Imperialist powers in the Middle East, right now.  At the same time, it is our duty to expose the despotic and reactionary governments in the region, also.  It is our duty to show that Islamic Republic regime of Iran, despite all its propagandas against US Imperialistic aggressions, for the past 4O years, actually has served the interests of US in the region!  

In the past seven decades, Iran has been ravaged by two regimes which were put in power by Imperialist powers to serve their Imperialistic interests!

In 1953, the government of Mohammad Mossadegh – an Iranian popular prime minister – was overthrown in a coup-d’état orchestrated by the United States’ CIA and the United Kingdom’s MI6.  The Central Intelligence Agency brought back the young Shah who had fled to Italy and put him back in power to rule Iran with iron-fist for more than 25 years of oppression.   

In late 1970’s, workers and the toiling masses of Iran formed a Democratic and anti-Imperialism movement with the goal of overthrowing the Imperialist dependent regime of Shah and abolishing Imperialists’ domination in Iran.  But when the revolutionary struggle intensified, and saving Shah’s regime was no longer feasible for his Imperialist masters, in order to counter the masses’ movement, the Imperialist forces (US, UK, France and West Germany) at Guadeloupe Summit decided to replace the Shah’s regime with an Islamic regime, which was in-line with the policy of installing a “Green-Belt” around the ex-Soviet Union.  Under the new Islamic  government, the flow of oil to west continued and Shah’s US-developed-army remained intact and Islamic regime massacred so many communists and freedom loving forces in Iran and then throughout the Middle East.

In most analyses these days, there is an effort to wrap “Islamic Fundamentalism” in “anti Imperialist” clothing.  According to those analyses, Khomeini’s clique and the Islamic regime in Iran were seemingly a manifestation and/or a symbol of anti-Imperialism!  But in fact, while verbally opposing American and other Imperialist forces, the very same Islamic regime under Khomeini’s leadership has indeed viciously crushed the genuine Democratic and anti Imperialism movement of the Iranian people; a movement that had started with “Down with the Shah”, “Down with American Imperialism”, and “After Shah, it will be America’s Turn!” slogans. This regime has repressed and executed masses of people, communists and freedom fighters for their true and just Democratic and anti-Imperialism demands.  Therefore, those who consider this regime to be so called “anti-Imperialist” must explain why it has put forth this blood drenching suppression of its own people and has been crushing their legitimate anti Imperialism movement and revolution?

Today, people of Iran are determined to overthrow the Islamic Republic regime and free themselves from this tyranny, to have Bread, Housing and Freedom, to build a democratic free society and to free themselves from Imperialists’ domination.  People of Iran expect the progressive people of the world to support them in their struggle and stand by their side, not to be on the side of their enemies!

When, in order to oppose the unjust policies of the US government, somehow one ends up legitimizing the Islamic repressive government of Iran, without a doubt, one is handing the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom to their enemies.  Being against capitalist system, being against Imperialism, being against war, does not mean one has to be on the side of Islamic Republic regime of Iran.

So, we shout loudly and clearly:

No to War!  No to Islamic Republic Regime of Iran!

Support the Just Struggle of Iranian People for Justice and Freedom!

Be on the Right Side of History, Stand with Iranian People against Islamic Republic Regime of Iran!

Down with Capitalist Dependent Islamic Republic Regime of Iran!

Islamic Fundamentalism is a Tool in Imperialist Hands!

The People United, Will Never Be Defeated! 

No to Imperialist War Machine!  Down with Islamic Republic Regime of Iran!

Victory to the People!

Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas   

January 2020

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