We condemn the savage attacks of Israel on Gaza and the slaughter of the Palestinian people!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

After one week of the Israeli’s brutal air raids on Gaza, the criminal Zionists’ bombs and bullets have taken the lives of more innocent civilians in this region, and have added a new dark page to the brim of the criminal history of Zionism as well as that of their imperialist masters against the people of Palestine. From the beginning of this raid until now, the numbers of victims of the insane Israeli attacks in Gaza has reached 134 and more than 1000 have been injured. The Israeli army and the fighter jets of the Zionist regime have brutally demolished hundreds of houses of the suffering yet heroic people of Palestine. As the result of the latest Israeli horrid assault, aiming at a nonprofitable rehabilitation centre in Gaza, the Israeli army exploded and destroyed this centre whereby three of the disabled patients and a nurse were viciously murdered; a crime that has incited further worldwide public outrage and has once more exposed the ruling executioners in Israel as well as their international sponsors to the world community. However, the Israeli officials and army didn’t stop there and announced that they were planning to launch a new military campaign on Gaza and the occupied territories to complete their vile actions.

A noteworthy fact in the recent events is that the Israeli criminal government, with the shameful support of imperialist powers and the US at the top along with those international organizations at their service such as the UN, try to deceive public opinion and portray the savage slaughter of the Palestinians by the Israeli government, which deserves no name other than genocide, as a fight against “terrorists” and the reactionary clique of “Hamas” in order to maintain the “security” of Israel from Gaza’s “rocket launchings”. Under the destructive raids of the Israeli army throughout day and night, these baseless and malicious claims are repeatedly uttered by the imperialist propaganda machine. But who wouldn’t know that destroying the homes of civilians in Gaza and annihilating civilian centres such as hospitals and schools have nothing to do with the alleged fight against reactionary mobs such as Hamas. In fact, the Israeli government itself is the most explicit manifestation of reaction and the biggest threat against the peace and safety of the oppressed people in the region and their struggles. On the other hand, principally speaking, the continuation of the occupation of Palestine by Israel in the recent decades has proven that reactionary Islamic groups such as Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah, etc., have basically acted as instruments to divert the anti-imperialist, anti- Zionist struggles of the Palestinian people against their enemies, and to prevent the formation and growth of a revolutionary leadership within the popular movement in Palestine. Reactionary groups that in fact were formed, fostered and armed with the aid of the Zionists, the imperialists and the deceitful dependent regimes such as the Islamic Republic in Iran.

It is within these circumstances that all freedom-loving and revolutionary forces must with all their might condemn the recent atrocities of the Israeli government and the continuation of the genocide against the tormented but brave people of Palestine, and expose the deceitful nature of the “compassionate” poses of the imperialist powers and institutions such as the US and the UN who under the pretext of so-called “neutral” slogans such as “tolerance” by both sides, in fact leave the bloody claws of the Zionists free to continue the murder and massacre of the innocent people of Palestine.

Down with the Zionist regime in Israel!
Down with imperialism and its lackeys!
Victory to the struggles of the Palestinian people for freedom!

With confidence in the victory of our path

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

July 13, 2014

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