Long Live International Labour Day!

The Iranian People’s Fedaee Guerrillas

The workers of Iran, together with their allies amongst other classes and stratum of the people’s, are greeting their international day in a situation that due to the spread and development of the workers struggles all over Iran, have gone through a productive year full of valuable and splendid experiences.

Iranian workers, since long time ago, have faced the hurdle of the dictatorship in their struggles for fulfilling their economic demands. They always have had to fight the state in one way or another and even stand against the armed forces to be able to perpetuate and advance their struggles. During the past year, we have witnessed workers struggles directly against the state and not just a single capitalist or an individual employer in a factory or a production unit.

To express this fact in a theoretical manner; whenever the Iranian workers attempt to embark on an economical struggle against their employer and a particular capitalist, due to the establishment of an extensive and intense violent dictatorship in the country, which itself is the result of the domination of the imperialism in the society and the establishment of the ruling dependent capitalism, they are swiftly forced to resort to a political struggle against the government (in Marxist term, the State), that stands against workers by imposing the dictatorship in favor of the capitalists.

In another word, due to the dominance of the imperialistic dictatorship in Iran, the economical struggles of the workers are very swiftly turns in to political struggles, and during this process they are faced with state oppression, and hence their political struggles turn in to a radical struggle against the regime. During the past year, the struggles of the workers in furthest reaches of Iran, from Arak, Isfahan and Tabriz to Zanjaan, Khoozestan, etc, and indeed throughout Iran, have demonstrated such characteristics of the workers’ struggles.

The workers, during the past year, despite the suppression and dictatorship, and specifically intimidations, arrests, lashes and imprisonments, have publicly demonstrated and proved to possess a very high level of class and political consciousness by carrying out admirable sacrifices during their gatherings and demonstrations. They did this through either shouting well-thought slogans or by expressing their opinions and courageous speeches despite self-censorship.

During these struggles, the Iranian vanguard workers, in particular the workers in the production institutions such as Arak, Foolad e Ahvaz and Haft-Tapeh, where the number of the workers is high and impressive, demonstrated that they are the conscious and brave. They have proved that they comprehend the realities of the Iranian society and possess a much higher level of class and political consciousness than those so-called intellectuals who disregard the imperialistic dictatorship imposed in Iran and prescribe spreading political consciousness amongst the workers through peaceful means.

In such conditions, the ruling dictatorship regime does not allow the Iranian workers to celebrate the May Day which represents the indefatigable struggles of the workers and their unity against the capitalists all over the world. This is because they are fully aware that our conscious workers are not only able to formulate the problems and pains they face in a simple language that is understandable for all workers and toilers, but also perhaps can advance their struggles against the capitalists and ruling classes in a way that educate thousands of young militant workers, even under the dominated dictatorship.

We will soon find out what kind of trickery the regime will employ to prevent and avert the workers to freely hold their May Day ceremonies this year. However, what is certain is that the militant Iranian workers, as previous years, will honor this day with their own innovations.

Furthermore, this year, Workers Day is in a situation upon us where the workers are plunged in poverty and misery due to the existing cruel capitalist relations. Much of the country is under the floods, the deadly flash-floods took away homes and total belongings of sections of the oppressed people and in particular the most deprived people and doubled the poverty and misery for the toilers. Moreover, because of unscientific and unauthorized structures arising from the capitalist greed, on the one hand and on the other, the lack of accepting any responsibilities by the capitalists supporting regime (Islamic Republic), in providing any assistance to the flood- stricken people, floods as a natural disaster, has become a big catastrophe and painful tragedy in our society. The flood-stricken people have been shouting these realities in front of the cameras. While they are thankful for general public help, they explicitly state that they have received no aid from the state. They even stood bravely in front of a governmental official with his armed bodyguards and questioned him about the society’s wealth that has been spent for the advancement of the U.S. and other imperialists militaristic policies in Syria and other places. They said: How come you can spend all these monies for Syria but do not help the flood-stricken people in our country! On the same note, the angry flood-stricken people have courageously attacked the Islamic Republic authorities and their Armed Forces, who according to the people had come to the flood-stricken regions just for a show, with throwing stones, sticks, etc. and even firearms and ran them out of their region.

This fact in itself, represents the height of the anger and hatred of the workers and toilers of these regions toward the imperialism dependent regime of the Islamic Republic. As the Iranian workers and toilers openly chanted “down with the Islamic Republic” during the January 2018 uprising, they express their heart desire with anger and hatred toward the Islamic Republic today as well, as it is reflected in their slogans and actions. Based on this fact, the communists, as the vanguards of the society, while emphasizing on the necessity of overthrowing the Islamic Republic, must do their utmost endeavor to throw light on the path by which the masses can succeed to overthrow this anti-people imperialist dependent regime. Therefore, the lack of emphasis on this necessary requirement in order to shed light on the path to be taken and instead merely demanding for compensation from the Islamic Republic for the damages caused by the floods means offering illusive guidelines, means lagging behind the masses and would be an unreal and reformist stance.

On the verge of the International Workers Day, we should also note that unfortunately within the communist movement, there are forces who claim to advocate workers and their ideology, namely Marxism – Leninism, while they continuously preach about the necessity of organizing the working class in their class and mass organizations, but for this goal, they do not offer any realistic solutions that is in accordance with the situation of the society. The fact is that the workers in the dictatorship-stricken Iran society, can only find the feasibility to become organized through an armed struggle where its vanguards should be the political-military groups comprised of the conscious workers and committed revolutionary intellectuals. Since during the course of the armed struggle and drawing the masses into this struggle, cracks appear in the barrier created by the dictatorship and the conditions for elevating the political consciousness ever higher and formation of the class and mass organizations of the workers will be realized.

The fact is that since the inception of the Islamic Republic, it has organized a war against Iran’s workers and other masses in chains. This is a civil war, albeit an unequal war. One must change the balance of power in this unequal war, through adopting the right tactics and strategy in accordance to the reality.

This imbalance must gradually be changed to equality, and then through mobilizing, armed organizations of the masses and enforcing the working-class leadership in the political and military struggles of the masses raise its superiority and overcome the enemy’s power. Consequently, once the Islamic Republic is overthrown and all ties and influences of imperialism are severed in Iran, the slogans of bread, jobs, freedom, council management can be fulfilled in the future society.

Long live May Day, International Labour Day! Down with anti-worker regime of Islamic Republic! Long live the just struggle of the workers!
Long live revolution! Long live Communism!

The Iranian People’s Fedaee Guerrillas

28 April 2019

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