In Defense of the Popular Resistance in Kobani!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

For a quite sometime now the courageous people of Kobani in Kurdistan of Syria have been putting up a resistance against the ongoing assaults of the criminal ISIS in the region. But as of three months ago, the ISIS forces have tightened their encirclement of Kobani and have recently started heavy artillery fire. Now, following the ISIS massive and concentrated attacks (a reactionary force which enjoys the unsparing aid of imperialist lackeys in the region despite the imperialist powers’ deceitful propaganda) the media is speaking of the imminent fall of the city. Although onsite sources situated in the midst of the popular resistance of Kurdish people in Kobani report of an ongoing resistance and even “urban warfare”, the fact is that the brave people of Kobani, with their courageous defiance against the terrorists directed and sponsored by US imperialism and its lackeys in the region, have not only distinctly demonstrated to the world the necessity of resistance, but also clarified the main form of this resistance, i.e., armed warfare.  As a result of ISIS’ bombardments as well as the possibility of its entrance to the city, nearly 90 percent of the inhabitants of Kobani have fled their homes, however, some are still present and continue to fight. The fact is that aside from any other reason, the closeness of Kobani to the Syrian border with Turkey and the ISIS’ need to be close to the Turkish border considering the Turkish government’s generous support for the criminal ISIS, has made the invasion of this region into a number one objective for ISIS.  It is interesting that while the Turkish border patrol with tear gas and water canons savagely dispersed hundreds of Kurdish people who were trying to enter the region in order to help the people of Kobani from the ISIS’ attacks, Turkish Prim Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, deceitfully proclaimed that Turkey will do ‘whatever it can to stop Kobani falling’. And these deceitful words are uttered while Junge Welt, a German daily newspaper, based on the reports given by the Syrian Kurdish local media wrote that in the northern cities of Syria and Iraq “Turkish tanks painted with ISIS’ logo have been seen and that the Turkish government has provided ISIS with its tanks in order to speed up the fall of Kurdish cities”. Moreover, the media reported that “when Syrian fighter jets were hitting ISIS’ positions in Kobani”, the Israeli transgressor government, within the framework of aiding terrorist groups including ISIS, shot down a Syrian fighter jet that was hitting the terrorists on the ground”. We also hear reports indicating that the government of the Kurdistan Region is preventing Kurdish volunteer Peshmerga forces as well as people’s aid from reaching the Kobani’s popular defense, where as having not been in service of US policies, this government is supposed to have rushed to help the Kurdish people of Kobani.  All of these prove that, within the framework of the policies of US Imperialism, lackeys of all shades have put their efforts together to inflate ISIS into a bigger and bigger monster, whereby facilitating Imperialist powers and above all US Imperialism to further their encroachment policies and to ignite the region with ease under the pretext of destroying a monster to which they gave birth. It is clear that the first and foremost outcome of the advance of such a process is putting money into the pockets of the US government at the expense of the further impoverishment of workers and oppressed masses in the region.  Regardless of the direction that the course of ongoing fights in Kobani might take, or in whatever form the popular resistance- in which women are playing a great role- might continue, the fact remains that the resistance of the people of Kobani against ISIS terrorists- which are nothing but an instrument in the hands of US Imperialism to expand its oppressive domination- is an explicit case of a resistance that all the people in the region must put up. The people of the region must learn from the popular resistance in Kobani, and with the knowledge that without organization and armed resistance and without a revolutionary leadership there will be no possibility for overcoming the aggressors’ conspiracies and raids irrespective of their badges and banners, swiftly head in the same direction.  

Long-live the combatant Kurdish people who are fighting for freedom !  

Down with Imperialism and its myriad of lackeys !  

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

October 3, 2014

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