A Call to protest the execution of Navid Afkari!

Fellow freedom seekers!

The brutal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran committed yet another crime on September 12, 2020 when they executed 27 year old champion wrestler Navid Afkari. Navid was arrested for participating in a mass demonstration in August 2018, on the false charge of murdering a government city official.

In protest of this crime by the Islamic Republic, a demonstration will be held on Saturday September 19 at 5 pm in Mel Lastman Square (5100 Young Street) in Toronto.

Join us to condemn the crimes of the oppressive regime of Iran and echo the voices of all the victims of this brutal regime’s execution machine, and for the Canadian public to hear it.

Experience has shown that as long as the Islamic Republic is in power, imprisonment, torture, and execution will not end, so let us shout together: “Down with the regime of Iran!”

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