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Dear visitors,

This website is created and hosted by a number of sympathizers of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas. The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas (IPFG) is a Marxist – Leninist organization that has been fighting against both imperialist-dependent regimes of the Shah and the Islamic Republic. Throughout more than four decades of struggle and especially in the course of crucial and decisive moments of the Iranian people’s democratic and anti-imperialist movement, the IPFG has proven, by both its correct and uncompromising standpoints and by its actions, that it is indeed a true advocate of the working and toiling masses of Iran. Comrade Ashraf Dehghani has been a prominent member of this organization since its establishment. Considering the significant and influential role and contributions of comrade Ashraf Dehghani both within the ranks of the IPFG and in the arena of the Iranian communist movement, we found it most appropriate to create this site in her name. Our objective is to play our part in advocating correct and revolutionary awareness and in raising communist understanding within the people’s movement while promoting the IPFG’s viewpoints and providing comrade Ashraf’s works online.

Obviously, this site is not a news agency but rather a socio-political site. Furthermore, in order to uphold and promote the cultural makings of the democratic and anti-imperialist movement of our society, we have dedicated a number of pages in this site to the presentation of revolutionary literature as well as to the commemoration of the shining legacy of those courageous and brilliant women and men who devoted their lives to defend the rights and interests of the working and toiling masses; women and men who by their lives as well as their deaths bore “the torch of awareness” throughout “the reeds of silence”. Thank you for visiting and with the hope that by receiving your constructive suggestions, comments or criticisms we will be able to further improve the site.

The sympathizers of the IPFG

August 2020 

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