The Statement of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas on the Anniversary of the Siahkal’s Insurrection and the February 1979 Uprising!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

Once again we are approaching the anniversary of Siahkal’s Resurrection (February 8th, 1971) and the February Uprising (February 10th and 11th, 1979), two great historical events in the revolutionary movement of our people which have had a determining role in the ongoing struggles of our people towards freedom.  In the face of the unrestrained dictatorship of the Shah’s regime, where the rule of the bayonet had muted any voice of opposition and the bloody repression of each and every act of defiance had spread the seeds of demoralization and hopelessness thus bringing the people’s struggles to a dead end, the event of Siahkal flashed like lightning and shed such light and warmth in the somber sky of Iran leading to the germination of hope and courage that shattered the spell of despair and depression, and gave new life to the revolutionary movement in our country.

The newly militant atmosphere created, led to the glorious February uprising demonstrating the mighty power of the people unshackled and erased the Shah’s regime from the political arena of the country once and for all.

From the outset, the Siahkal resurrection, like a thorn in their eyes, destroyed the people’s enemies’ tranquility.  The Shah’s regime which saw the event of Siahkal as its own death knell did not hesitate to resort to every atrocity and crime to defeat it.  Khomeini called it a work of “colonialism” while the infamous Tudeh Party accused the resurrection as being alienated from the masses and anarchistic.  In short, all the enemies of the people despite their differences spoke against this new and historic movement.  But in spite of all these animosities, the event of Siahkal lived on for it was an answer to the necessities of the existing conditions.

Siahkal resolved the political dead end of those days and showed the correct path of struggle to the masses.  And after years of political torpor and stagnation, Iranian society responded to this new movement by giving it power and support. Hundreds of young revolutionaries in response to Siahkal’s objectives joined the armed struggle and filled the ranks of the Fadaee communists where they gave up their lives for the freedom and welfare of workers and other deprived masses.  And in this path, a few years later, everyone witnessed as to how the masses, inspired by the teachings and in the revolutionary tradition of Siahkal, made assaults on the Shah’s repressive institutions and finally threw the imperialist-dependent dictatorship of the Shah into the dustbin of history.

The secret to Siahkal’s success in finding a way out was in the fact that this revolutionary movement was based on a theory derived from objective reality. The theoreticians of Siahkal’s resurrection; comrades Massoud Ahmad-Zadeh and Amir-Parviez Pouyan both believed that “a theory that has not been derived from objective reality, certainly cannot build a correct relation to it either”.  It was based upon this belief that by utilizing all of the existing means, they tried to reach a real understanding of their society thus providing an objective analysis of the existing conditions.

One of the precious teachings from the theoretical treasure of the People’s Fadaee Guerrillas is the view that as long as the dependent capitalist system is in power, the corresponding political structure to this system will be none other than a naked dictatorship; a despotism which has no tolerance for any opposition and which answers any kind of protest with the rule of the bayonet.  This thesis; one of the principals of the guiding theory of Siahkal’s combatants (since it was derived from the analysis of the objective reality thus applicable to the existing conditions) as a historical guide lighted up the path of genuine fighters for the emancipation of the working class and the oppressed masses of Iran.  To confirm the correctness of this thesis, we have the example of the overthrow of the Shah’s regime where, since the overthrow of the Shah had not been followed by the eradication of the ruling capitalist system, everyone saw how dictatorship continued once more but this time in a different clothing, i.e., the Islamic Republic.

Looking carefully at the political events of the past 34 years, we see that in the early days of installing the Islamic Republic regime by the imperialists, the lack of attention of the existing political forces at that time to this revolutionary thesis, and consequently the depiction and portrayal of this regime as nationalist and anti-imperialist, provided the opportunity for Islamic despotism to freely deceive the masses and to consolidate its shameful foundations in our society while the above political forces walked in the path of compromise and corroboration with the new regime. This, of course, was happening while the IPFG- remaining faithful to the very same revolutionary analysis of the Siahkal theoreticians – went against the current, warning the people as well as all those political forces within the people’s camp that the dependent capitalist system had remained intact and that the newly installed regime of the Islamic Republic was working precisely towards the consolidation of this system and the interests of both the imperialists and the local dependent capitalists in Iran.

The IPFG also warned that this regime sooner or later, just like the Shah’s regime, would resort to brute force against the people and establish a vast and violent dictatorship throughout society.  Unfortunately, at that time, none of the political organizations listened to this revolutionary warning, nor did they comprehend the true nature of the Islamic Republic as a regime propped up to defend the dependent capitalist system.  The carnages and crimes committed by the Islamic Republic in Iranin the past 34 years have proved the correctness of the revolutionary teachings of Siahkal’s combatants.  

Despite all this, however, when the Islamic Republic’s propaganda machine launched a deceitful game of “good faction” (the moderate) versus “bad faction” (the hard-liners) in order to deceive the people to believe that as if in the dominated society of Iran under the rule of dependent capitalist system, there actually exists the possibility for “reform and improvement”, also when in recent years the regime’s propagandists and think-tanks with the blessing of the imperialists tried to mislead some sectors of our society by putting Khatami and “the great project for reform” on the stage, and tried to portray “the absolute rule of the supreme clergy” as “religious democracy” and “the rule of law” in order to prolong the ruling dictatorship, we witness again as to how those gullible political forces who did not want to heed the teachings of the Siahkal resurrection, once more fell for the regime’s tricks and followed its lead, thereby, helping it buy more time for the continuation of its bloody rule by deceiving sectors of Iranian society.

Today, however, the regime’s propaganda campaign for “reform” has reached its limits.  Since the presidency of Hassan Rouhani, now it is the hired intelligentsia who try with a thousand tricks to portray Rouhani’s government as something other than his predecessors.  Together with those whose objection is not towards the capitalist system but rather this or that policy of the ruling administrations, they speak of “management and hope” in Rouhani; a servant pawn of the regime, thus trying to give the oppressed masses the false hope that their backbreaking living and working conditions can improve within the ruling dictatorship and to fool them into believing of a possibility for an “opening”, especially when the Islamic Republic is going through one of the toughest times.  However, a simple look at the actions of Rouhaniadministration in its first few months demonstrates that all that has ‘improved” is nothing but the number of executions.  In fact, within the past eight months that Rouhani has been in office, at least 3 people have been executed each day, and as news agencies report, only within the first two weeks of the 2014 at least 40 people have been hanged.  This reality also indicates that within the Islamic Republic regime which is the protector of the dependent capitalist system in Iran, resorting to force and aggression against the people is in the nature of all those administrations who come to power with different poses as well as with seemingly different faces.

According to the teachings of the People’s Fadaee Guerrillas; teachings that have cost the lives of the heroic freedom-fighters of Siahkal as well as the lives of thousands of revolutionary women and men in our society, so long as the capitalist system rules Iran, and at the moment, so long as the Islamic Republic is in power, there is no possibility for implementing any real reform and improvement.  As for attaining even the slightest freedoms neither is there any guarantee for the democratic rights of citizens. 

The fact of the matter is that our people’s freedom and their emancipation from the yoke of class oppressions and all other injustices they go through is possible only with the overthrow of the Islamic Republic regime together with the eradication of the dependent capitalist system.

On the anniversary of Siahkal’s resurrection and the February uprising as two historic events, while uniting and intensifying our struggles and while remaining adherent to the teachings and experiences of both the fallen comrades of Siahkal and the masses who uprose in February 1979, let us put all our efforts to utilize these revolutionary lessons and experiences to decisively fight against the regime and its imperialist backers, and for freedom.

Long live the red and epic-making memories of the fallen comrades of Siahkal!

Down with the imperialist-dependent regime of the Islamic Republic!

Long live armed struggle which is the only path to freedom!

Victory to revolution!  Long live Communism!

With confidence in the victory of our path!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

February 2014

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