Long live the memory of those who have given their lives during the massacre of political prisoners in 1980s in Iran!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

In the summer of 1988, the rulers of the Islamic Republic, with a
premeditated plan massacred political prisoners who were spending their so called sentences given to them in kangaroo courts in all over the country. This organised crime, during which many thousands of prisoners were murdered, was the peak of the systematic killing by the Islamic Republic Regime in the ten years between 1982 to 1992 and was the continuation of the massacre that was on going from the day that this regime took power in order to suppress the revolutionary masses.

The reality is that the Islamic Republic Regime was primarily put in power with the aid and agreement of the U.S. and Western powers at the Guadalupe Conference in order to suppress the revolution of the Iranian people. When the Western powers realised that keeping the Shah in power results in even more radicalisation of the revolution, they came up with a cunning plan: they sacrificed the Pahlavi Kingdom in order to preserve the rule of the dependent bourgeoisie and their influence. This was in fact a tactical backtracking to buy time for their strategic assault on the revolutionary masses. On these basis, since the suppression of the revolution was set as the prime duty for Khomeini and his clique, the offensive against the revolution was started from the very first day of taking power and all over the country the revolutionaries, workers and toilers were placed under relentless attack.

The initial onslaught markedly happened in Kurdistan and Turkman Sahra and the political prisoners were slaughtered savagely without any trials. Later on, after 1982, when the lists of executed prisoners were published in the media, people became aware of the extend of the atrocities of the regime. At times, these lists contained the names of hundreds of prisoners executed in one single day. It is necessary to remind that all these crimes and atrocities were committed right in front of the eyes of the super powers with a smile on their lips and silent satisfaction. Same forces that nowadays are trying their best to pretend that they are the defenders of the 1981 – 1991 political prisoners who were massacred.

We commemorate the 25th year of these massacres while the oppressive Islamic Republic, in line with its suppressive policies, during the engineered elections of June this year, has appointed Hassan Roohani, one of the infamous elements of the National Security Council. This appointed president has in turn appointed his ministers from amongst most infamous and notorious elements. One of these ministers is PoorMohammadi, one of the three members of the “Death Commission” of the 1988 massacre. The very same person who acted as the representative of the Intelligent Ministry and had played a cardinal role in this massacre is now appointed by Roohani to head the Judiciary. While the cries of the families of the executed prisoners of 1981 – 1991 for justice is still not silenced, he is supposed to bring justice to them!! This event emphasis once again that Islamic Republic, murderers do not face trials and punishment but also get promotions. This reality has been repeated on a daily basis in the past 34 years and it should remind all demagogues and collaborators that the regime of Velayat e Faghih (The Rule of Jurisprudent) has no interest in the wish and desire of the masses in identifying and put on trial those who ordered and committed the 1981 – 1991 massacres.

However, this is an undeniable fact that the trial and punishment of those who ordered and committed these massacres is solely dependent on the downfall of the regime. As long as such a regime is in power, masses can expect nothing but more imprisonments, tortures and executions. That is exactly why the response of the revolutionary masses to such vicious dictatorship can only be total war against all aspect of the regime in order to destroy it.

Today, at a time when the bloodied hands of the leaders of the Islamic Republic in massacring the political prisoners in the 1981 – 1991 has become an undisputed fact, both the imperialists themselves or those forces who only take steps within the framework of the imperialists’ policies, shed crocodile tears for our heroic political prisoners and try to use the 1988 massacre in order to advance their own reactionary policies against the masses. Yet, there are political organisations that have chosen to ignore such facts and, in a despicable deal with them, have offered their own resources to those forces.

It is for this reason that it is essential that, on the one hand, once again we emphasise that commemorating those who lost their lives in the 1981 -1991 and the massacre of the political prisoners in 1988 has a real meaning only when it is in line with the revolutionary ideals of the struggles of those who had stood up for democracy, a free, prosperous, independent and a just society. And, on the other hand, we must realise that the overthrow of the Islamic Republic in its entirety, which is only possible through a popular revolution aimed at the severing the tentacles of the imperialism in Iran, should be at the forefront of our struggles.

Down with the imperialist-dependent Islamic Republic of Iran!
Long live the memory of those who have given their lives for freedom and socialism!
Victory to the revolution! Long live Communism!
With confidence in the victory of our path

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

August 2013

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