The Message of the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas On the occasion of the International Workers’ Day

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

May 1st, the international workers’ day, is the day of solidarity of the workers of the world.  It is the day that workers will stop the cycle of production wherever they can, and by coming together in large gatherings, they demonstrate their power of organizing and un-wavering will in combating daily cruelty and oppression that is imposed upon them.  Every year, this day is an opportunity for the conscious workers to evaluate the paths of struggles which they have taken and the paths they must take to achieve their demands. 

This year the workers of the world are honoring their International day under conditions of capitalist system grappling with a grave crisis system all over the world.  A crisis which the capitalists under the pretext of “confronting“ are savagely suppressing the workers’ rights and their fought-for-achievements, and laying off wave after wave of the workers.  In regard to the undeniable role of this crisis in the lives and destiny of the world workers, it is proper to look at the causes and the results of this crisis briefly, in this message. 

The recent crisis, which first appeared in the face of inability of paying back housing mortgages in the US, today has deepened to such extent that has traversed the global economy and very rapidly is taking the world capitalist system towards recession.  In reality what was once called the US financial meltdown, presently is threatening world economy and the livelihood of millions of workers.

If until yesterday, the bourgeoisie ideologues were propagandizing that “THE FREE MARKET ECONOMY” no longer would face destructive crisis such as the one that occurred in 1930’s, which thousands of institutions went bankrupt and millions of workers were unemployed, and the same ideologues claimed that the “invisible hand of the market” will control everything, now the collapse of the stock markets and the fact that governments are compelled to inject billions of dollars in to the banking system, and also daily bankruptcy of industries, all indicate the intensity of the current crisis and recession which in some aspects is even worse than the previous crisis. The intensity of the current crisis is such that the International Monitory Fund in its recent report about “The Outlook of the World’s Economy” had to admit that the current economical recession is more severe than the “great depression” of the 1930’s. In the light of such a fact, today all over the world, under the title of “economical stimulus plan” the governments are forced to inject large amounts of money into the market to increase consumption, in order to decrease the extent of this ever growing recession, and at the same time are forced to organizing tens of domestic and international conferences to prevent the further deepening of the recession. For example on  April 2nd,  the heads of twenty industrial countries in London’s G20 conference decided to expend five trillion dollars to twirl the wheel of their economies and named this expenditure “the biggest economical stimulus in the history” of capitalism.  But despite such a so called historical decision, right after the conference of the leaders of the biggest capitalist economies, the prime minister of England admitted that there is “no immediate cure” for present economical situation. 

Now, the question is where the expenditure of this “biggest economical stimulus in the history” is supposed to come from?  We know this money would be given to the biggest bankers and industries, enabling them to invest in order to prevent the stoppage of production and keep markets active.  Therefore it is obvious that those capitalists who are receiving this money could not themselves be the providers of this expenditure. So the governments are supposed to provide this huge amount of money from the state’s treasuries and taxes paid by the workers and the oppressed masses or by pre-sale of future to provide for the present budget. Doesn’t this clearly show that all these governments and conferences and international financial institutes have been formed for the protection of the exploitative capitalist system and therefore the combative workers and toiling masses in order to liberate themselves, must abolish them?  Why is that when capitalist system is prosperous, these governments are not willing to take some of the astronomical profits of the capitalists and use it for prevention of hunger and death among the children, but now when the capitalists due to their greed have shuddered the world’s economy these governments without hesitating a second, rush to their rescue?  The answer to this question is, these governments are protectors of the interest of the capitalists, and capitalist governments are the biggest defender of those who are the cause of the present economical crisis. 

In regards with the recent crisis, the bourgeoisie economists in forecasting the scale of this crisis have admitted that this is just the “tip of the iceberg”, meaning “this is just the beginning of the story.”  This confession once more exposes the capitalist’s deceitful propaganda about their capabilities in halting the inherent crisis of the capitalist system and also proves that the communists were right when they said: “Modern bourgeoisie society with his relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, ,is like sorcerer who is no longer able to control the power of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells. For many a decade past the history of industry and commerce is but the history of the revolt of modern productive forces against modern conditions for the existence of the bourgeoisie and of its rule.”  (The Manifest of Communist Party)

The reality is that the history of development of capitalist system has shown that crisis is inherent to the system and is intertwined to its very existence.  In every crisis the bourgeoisie by “forceful and total destruction of productive forces and on the other hand by subjugation of new markets and exploitation of the old markets” tries to rise against it. This effort certainly does not have any result but “prepares more extensive and destructive crisis and reduces the means of preventing them.” (From the above mentioned source). This is just like a show that is being performed before our eyes.

Today all over the world, the bourgeoisie with the claim of confronting the crisis with different methods is attacking the miserable lives of workers.  By freezing the wages, considering the growth of rate of inflation, actually has decreased the workers’ wages. In all countries we are witnessing that workers are being fired collectively and therefore putting the burden of the crisis on the shoulders of workers and toiling masses.  We are seeing this reality in imperialist dominated countries, in which every day the pressure is breaking the back of toiling masses by the capitalist society and the domination of imperialism.

This is a summary of the situation which the workers of the world, under the current crisis are experiencing and they are victims of its consequences. In this situation and condition in any country including Iran one could see the efforts of employers reducing the wages and work hours, who are indeed imposing ever increasing rate of exploitation on the workers.  It is obvious that the more the working class is dispersed, and the more political power is despotic, indeed the more horrific the working and living conditions of the workers will be.  It is because of these reasons, under the domination of dictatorship in Iran, we see that not only wages are reduced but because the capitalists have the definite support of the Islamic Republic, they deny the workers their meager wages, and even officially talk about passing laws to prevent the increase of the wages. Under these conditions, while there in not a day that they do not invent new methods for repression and exploitation of the workers, they lash the workers just for their efforts in organizing the workers’ International Day in Iran.

In fact, the domination of capitalism everywhere and including in Iran has shown that the workers are victims of this exploitative domination whether under flourishing conditions or during the system’s crisis. If these victims do not want to accept and tolerate this horrendous situation they have no alternative but by organizing and by building their own revolutionary organization to pave the path of their liberation.

Indeed capitalism by the “destruction of total masses of productive forces” that the labor force is a large portion of those forces, confronts the crisis.  At the same time by doing this, bourgeoisie actually creates the conditions for greater crisis.  But capitalist history has shown the only way of salvation from these crises is to move beyond private ownership and leap towards socialism.

May Day, the workers’ International Day is the day that the workers of the world by organizing meetings and street demonstrations can demonstrate their class power and evaluate their class strength.  It is the best opportunity to remember that the working class called loudly in its song the “International”:

“Nobody would give us Liberation,

Neither God, nor King, nor the Hero,

Will attain our Liberation,

With the Strength of our own Arms”

Glory to the May 1st – the International Workers’ Day! 

Down with the Cruel Global Capitalist System!

Down with the Imperialist Dependent Regime of Islamic Republic of Iran!

Long Live Revolution!  Long Live Communism!

With Faith in Our Victorious Path

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

May 1st 2009

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