The Massacre of Defenceless Palestinian People; An Israeli Response to The Palestinian Problem!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

The reactionary regime of Israel with brutal attacks on “Gaza” in the past three days has organised a new wave of crime and cruelty against the deprived and heroic people of Palestine. In a continuous Israeli air strike on “Gaza”; now more than 350 individuals have been killed and at least 1700 people have been injured. Most of the victims of the Israeli government attacks are women and children. While news and pictures of these savage crimes of the Israeli army against defenceless people and destruction of houses have instigated anger and disgust of the oppressed and working people of the world against Israeli government and its imperialist masters, Zionist leaders audaciously state that the massacre of the oppressed people; specifically women and children are “the unavoidable price” of the current war, and viciously insisting on continuation of the strikes up to the point of achieving their reactionary objectives. 

The extent of the present Israeli crimes, as an arm of imperialism in the region, becomes more apparent by mentioning that the massacre of an innocent people of Palestine comes after many months of the entire economical blockade. Therefore in absolute poverty and lack of daily needs and high prices as of the result of the blockade, they have to bear the consequence of the recent brutal attacks. Despite of all of the pressures and calamity, these heroic people gallantly insist on their equitable rights and self-determination against imperialism and Zionism.      

On the other hand the blood bath of the Palestinian people being butchered in Gaza reveals the grimy faces of imperialists, whom are the defendants of the brutal Israeli government, leadership of the so called Palestinian authority, dependent Arab governments and all reactionary forces either want to be silent or with grubby bourgeois diplomacy under the cover of “stoping violence” from both sides, hiding their demagogic faces. With this approach they allow Zionist murderers with the best military equipment, unequal to that of Palestinians’, continue the massacre of the Palestinians. Although crimes of Israeli government have made all freedom loving and noble people of the world disturbed and inspired mass protest against occupying forces and its imperialist masters around the world, Imperialist powers that hold the leash of the vicious dog of international capitalism in the region despite of claim of democracy and peace have done nothing to stop crimes of Israeli military machine. 

The recent bloody attacks have given a new pretext to the reactionary Islamic regime of Iran’s leadership to demagogically make propaganda and enhance reactionary positions of groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, therefore to make an added diversion to the dispossessed Palestinian’s anti Imperialist struggle.  

In this situation it is up to all freedom loving people and revolutionaries to do their utmost to condemn the killing of Palestinians by Israeli government and to defend Palestinian rightful resistance to achieve freedom and self-determination. Without doubt Palestinian resistance will defeat its enemies namely Imperialism and Zionism, and will discredit all its enemies, from dependent Arab states to reactionary and opportunist forces. The same reactionary forces that are trying to divert equitable Palestinian struggle against imperialism and its dependents. 





Dec 29, 2008

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