The Massacre of the Copper Melt Workers in the City of Babak

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

On January 23rd, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran attacked the copper melt workers in ”Khaton Abad” (a region near Baback city located in the province of Kerman) who had arranged a peaceful demonstration to protest against low wages and to support the rights of some of their fellow workers recently laid off. In response to this, the savage state police forces opened fire on the workers and their families killing 15 and injuring 300.  

The protest started on January 18th when the copper melt workers went out on strike. Then, taking their grievances to the authorities, they rallied with their families in front of the “rural police station”. However, after receiving no response from the authorities, they took another action. The workers’ next step was to march in Baback with the slogan: “the poverty line is 300,000 toman (Iranian currency), the line of bare subsistence* is 100,000 toman, while the wages of workers is 70,000.” It was right after this demonstration that the government, while neither capable of meeting the workers’ demands nor able to deceive and mislead them, found no way out but to order the opening of fire on the militant workers.

Subsequently, a widespread wave of arrests has followed the massacre and continues on. At present, the workers, and in their defense other oppressed sectors of people, are on strike to protest against the government. In the meantime, the release of all the arrested which now numbers 500 is their immediate demand.  Daily life in Baback has come to a standstill due to the fact that in spite of all the intimidating and barbaric actions of the armed forces, people continue to resist the government. 

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran!

Long live socialism! 

With confidence in the victory of our path!

The Iranian People’s Fedaee Guerrillas

January 25, 2004

* Thanks to the devastating conditions imposed on the masses by the ruling regime, this is yet another income bracket acknowledged by the government describing the standard of living of those who struggle for their survival.   

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