Down With Imperialism! Long Live Revolution!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

Three years ago, the Bush administration ordered the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops to attack Iraq and topple Sadam’s oppressive regime; a regime that throughout the years, by killing and plundering the oppressed Iraqi people, had greatly served the imperialists. The American ruling cliques together with their crony media deceitfully portrayed the objective of their brutal raid as an attempt to “liberate” the Iraqi people from a “dictator” who had pilled up “weapons of mass destruction” and to establish “democracy” and “freedom” for the people of Iraq. The truth, however, is that the American criminal military expedition to Iraq was a bloody step towards the execution of a vast and strategic anti-people plan by American imperialism on a worldwide scale; a plan through which the US government is trying to overcome its ever-increasing economic crisis by expanding its needed markets relying on its unrivaled military might.

From the very first day of military deployment and occupation of Iraq, the US army has shown no hesitation in committing every possible crime against the indignant and desolate people of Iraq: 135 thousand dead, tens of thousands injured and hundreds of thousands of women and children left forsaken are a few manifestations of the alleged “democracy” and “freedom” promised by the American government. Under the ominous rule of the American army, death and hunger, unemployment and poverty, pain and suffering, rape, torture and humiliation have become the inseparable reality of the Iraqi people’s tragic lives.

From the very first days of Iraq’s occupation, waves of resistance against the occupying forces descended all over the country. Despite ludicrous claims made by US officials linking this resistance to “terrorists”, “Islamic fundamentalist” cliques, “Al Qaida” or the “remnants of the Bath Party”, the facts proved, however, that many of the militant masses in Iraq were fighting for their democratic rights including their right to self determination by taking up arms and resisting the American occupiers and their dependent forces; masses of people who were neither fans of the Bath regime nor supporters of any of the reactionary, mercenary and terrorist cliques were demanding an end to US aggression and intervention. 

Today, on the threshold of the third anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, and in the midst of the quarrels about the Islamic Republic’s “atomic case” some American officials speak of the possibility of choosing the “military option” and in this way emphasize their determination in carrying out their grimy, warmongering plans to the rivals of the bloodsucking US imperialism on the one hand, and to the oppressed and militant people of the world on the other. The anti-war demonstration on the third anniversary of Iraq’s occupation is yet another opportunity to once again and even louder raise our voices against the continuation of the occupation of Iraq and the oppression of its deprived people by US imperialism and its allies and dependant forces. It is also an opportunity to defend the righteous struggles of the working and toiling masses of Iraq against imperialism and reactionary forces in all its forms. 

We, the Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas, condemn all the criminal plans of imperialism and Co. in any shape or form towards escalation for intervention in Iran. Moreover, we pledge our defense of the revolutionary movement of Iranian workers, women, university students and the oppressed people of Iran towards the organization of a popular forceful revolution for the overthrow of the imperialist-dependent regime of the Islamic Republic and all its internal factions.

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

March 2006

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