Long Live May First, The International Labour Day!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

This year we are greeting the International Labour Day when capitalism has organized a savage and plundering aggression in a massive scale against the working class and the deprived masses all over the world. The fire of imperialistic wars and its resulting catastrophes, such as the mass exodus of hungry and defenceless refugees is burning the life and livelihood of the workers ever more. Against this relentless aggression, the struggle of the workers against the bourgeoisie, for gaining their rightful demands such as a fair wages, right of assembly and better working conditions, has been carried out in all shapes and forms, continuously and without any stoppage.

The International Labour Day is a demonstration of the indefatigable struggle of the working class all over the world. On this day, the workers and their supporters manifest their unity in struggle by holding workers’ meetings and assemblies. However, in some countries such as Iran, the workers are deprived of the right to hold their own International Day celebrations. Any attempt by the workers to assemble and commemorate the Labour Day results in open suppression, arrest and imprisonment.

It is in this situation that we witness in Iran how the Daesh-like rulers are stifling the voice of the labour activists, and their protests and struggles are faced with lashes, torture, imprisonment and terror. This vicious suppression has created such situation for the workers that the bloodsucking capitalists that are advertised as “job-creators” in Islamic Republic propaganda, have imposed temporary and cart blanch contracts or other trickeries to erode the workers’ job security for their benefits. They have not even stopped there and they refuse to pay the workers’ wages for months at a time. It is in this situation that the fight back to get unpaid wages, which at times is up to 24 months, has become one of the main demands of the workers. In addition to that, even when the wages are paid, it is so little that is not sufficient for the reproduction of the labour force and puts the workers more in the depths of poverty and misery. In order to sustain the vicious exploitation of the workers and the status quo, the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran by severely suppressing the workers struggles and protests, has denied them rights to have their independent organisations, thus has managed to disperse the ranks of the working class even further. At the same time in the context of this dispersion, it has established its own institutions such as Islamic societies and councils, which in reality they are yet another weapon for the suppression of the workers, the regime tries to pose these weapons of suppression as the working class institutions within the working environments.

Militant Workers!

The experience of the past 37 years of the rule of the anti-worker Islamic Republic has proved that without the destruction of the Islamic Republic with all its factions, none of the fundamental demands of the working class shall be realised.

However, the destruction of the regime of torture and execution cannot be concluded without the formation of the revolutionary workers organisation and the imposition of revolutionary fight against the ruling dictatorship. Hence, the struggle in this direction and paving the path in helping the working class to assume power is the mighty duty and responsibility in front of the vanguard workers and revolutionary intelligentsia of this class.

Long Live the International Unity of All Workers in the World!
Down with the Imperialist Dependent Regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran! Long Live Revolution! Long Live Communism!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

April 19, 2016

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