Condemn the Visit of the Islamic Republic Executioner Hassan Rohani to the United Nations!

IPFG supporters in US and Canada

Freedom-Loving People of the World!  Let us stand united and condemn with one voice the presence of the Islamic Republic Executioner – Mullah Hassan Rohani in New York.

On Monday September 28, 2015, Mullah Hassan Rohani, who carries the infamous title of “Champion of Execution”, once again comes to the United Nations under the publicity of diplomacy of “nuclear deal”, that his Imperialist masters have organized for him, to prettify the abominable face of the dictator and criminal Iranian regime and present an untrue portrait of Islamic Republic to the people of the world.

This criminal agent of Islamic Republic, who over the past 36 years has served the government in key positions, falsely had claimed to be a government of “equability” and “moderation”. While this year, the criminal records of this regime’s mercenary, against people of Iran is much darker and heavier than last year!  Because Mullah Rohani’s government has jailed so many freedom seekers, political and civil activists, and those who oppose dictatorship in Iran, all those existing old prisons are over crowded, so much so that his government has built a few new prisons in Tehran (the capital) and elsewhere in Iran.  The number of executions during the first two years of Rohani’s government has been the highest in the past 15 years.  Only in the first six months of current year, nearly 700 people were executed by Rohani’s government.  That is why Rohani’s government has been called “The Government of Execution” and himself the “Champion of Execution”.

Iranian people know that regardless of all misleading propaganda by the government (propaganda costing millions of dollars of people’s money) to cleanse the criminal face of this regime, in reality the country is ridden by poverty, hunger and homelessness.

The poverty in Iran is so severe that indigent mothers sell their unborn babies to provide food and shelter for the rest of their children for some time.  Pregnant women in Iran, a country with a vast natural wealth such as oil, die on streets, and behind hospital doors because of lack of medical insurance and social and financial help for low income families.

In Iran, the sale of body organs such as “kidney” has become a means of livelihood for many families.  A lot of unemployed workers are so destitute, ashamed for not being able to provide for their families, they are compelled to kill their family members and then commit suicide, so they can put an end to living miserably under Imperialists dependent regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Freedom-Loving People of the World!  Exposing the crimes of the dictator ruling class in Iran, and defeating this regime’s unscrupulous efforts to deceive the public, is the duty of every one of us.  Let us echo the voice of the workers, women, students, and oppressed peoples of Iran by participating in the protests against Iran’s government, so the world could hear their cries demanding justice.  Instead of backing up “nuclear diplomacy” that lends a hand to criminal ruling class in Iran to intensify the repression of Iranian people, let us defend Iranian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran with all its factions!

Date: Monday September 28, 2015 – 10:30 AM

Location: in front of the UN building in New York

IPFG supporters in US and Canada

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