May Day – International Workers Day!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerillas

May 1st, International Workers Day is approaching.  It is on this day that the workers of the world, the most essential part of the means of production, who with their lives turn the global wheels of capitalism, march in the millions throughout the world to demonstrate the solidarity of working class. On this day, they bring forth the struggle and irreconcilable contradiction that exists between labor and capital, between all workers and the few greedy leech-like capitalists, from the factories to the streets.  They convey the message of a humane socialist new world; a world free of oppression, exploitation and repression.

The current wide spread crises throughout the capitalist system signify the decadence of this system of exploitation and oppression.  For example, the masses in Greece, Spain, and Portugal are rising up against the newest attacks by the capitalist system forcing them into poverty.  In countries like the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy, the workers’ frustration and anger is boiling within, like a volcano which sooner or later will erupt and put an end to the old, dilapidated system of capital and in its place a new socialist society will bloom.  Such is the true nature of historical materialism. 

The “economic austerity” measures implemented in different societies by capitalist lackey governments throughout the world are yet another redistribution of financial loses brought on by the inherent contradictions within the capitalist system against the working class and the oppressed populations of the world.  Historically, the capitalists have constantly burdened the working class with the financial crises inherent within capitalism in order to keep their pockets full.  Ending of subsidies under the guise of “targeted subsidies” program in Iran by the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO is among the “economic austerity “measures imposed upon the Iranian working class and toiling masses who are already barely surviving.

In Iran, May 1st, International Workers Day is taking place while the Islamic Republic regime, a lackey of the global capitalist system, has named this year the “National Production Year in Support of Labor and Iranian Capital”!  This is the same regime that has overtly and systematically suppressed all workers, trade unions and organizations in order to put a halt to any development of a working class movement, solidarity or organization.  This same regime responds to labor activism and to any sign of opposition with harsh punishments such as lashing, torture, imprisonment, and hanging. With what deceit does it call this year the year of “support” for workers! The Islamic Republic systematically allows and supports  capitalists to delay paying workers’ wages and hire workers with “Pre-signed Blank Contract” as part-timers – temporary workers – in order to forgo health insurance, retirement pension and all other benefits given to a full time, permanent, and officially employed worker.  Through its indifference to the plight of workers laid off by the hundreds of thousands, the Islamic Republic is creating worsening intolerable conditions for Iranian workers.  Massive layoffs- for example, 700 workers of Shahab Automobile factory in Mashad, 230 Kayvon food production workers in Hamedan, 150 Kurdish workers in Kavan cement factory in Bukan, workers in a flour factory in Mahabad, 200 steel workers in Gharb steel factory, and 150 Navid magnesium workers in Isfahan – indicates the worsening of the economic conditions for Iranian workers.  As a result, worker’s protests abound; 800 workers of the metallurgy industry in Tehran protested and demanded payment of an eight-month delay in their wages, workers are protesting delayed wages in Navard Safa pipe production factory in Saveh, workers are protesting delayed wages in Nekaa power plant in Mazandaran, and workers are protesting in a textile factory in Kashan for better living conditions.  All in all, these facts exemplify increasing widespread unemployment, poverty, and misery for the masses this new year.

The growing workers’ protests and struggle under the Islamic Republic’s overt oppression and massive layoffs clearly indicate the intolerable living and working conditions of the working class.  At the same time, workers in Iran demonstrate a combative spirit in spite of the dictatorial conditions and public lashing, and hanging on every street corner.  They continued to fight for their rights, and just demands while the Islamic Republic, the regime of torture and hanging, has not been able to silence the workers into submission. 

The workers’ economic struggles within the despotic situation in Iran are immediately faced with brutal government repression as an obstacle, and their struggle invariably becomes political.  In the past few decades, we have witnessed the workers’ struggles throughout Iran and the Islamic Republic’s responses culminating in bloodshed.  This demonstrates that Iranian workers have for decades maintained and developed a combative environment.  These brave workers, through their constant struggle, have come to know their enemies and have come to realize all the better that their main enemies are not only the capitalists and the bosses at work, but the Islamic Republic regime who supports the capitalist dependent system.

This fact is not a secret to anybody and it has become fairly well known to worker activists and vanguards that the precondition for constructing a free and prosperous society in Iran – via a revolution by the working class itself – is overthrowing the Islamic Republic regime.  This can only achieved by an organized working class leadership with an ideology rooted in solidarity with all other oppressed segments of society.  The task of paving the path for this revolution is the duty of all working class vanguards and its revolutionary intellectuals.

Long Live May 1st, International Workers Day!

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Down with the Global Capitalist System!

Long Live Revolution!  Long Live Communism!

The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerillas

April 29, 2012

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