Glory to the Workers’ Day, the Day of International Solidarity of Working Class!

Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas

May 1st is the Workers’ Day, the day of solidarity in struggle for working class. This is the day that the workers display the might of their organizational skill and their fighting spirit in commemorating gatherings all over the world. On such a day, the class conscious workers get the opportunity to analyse the existing balancing power between the Haves and Have-Nots classes, and considering working class organizational skill which it possess, reassess the paths that they have to take to achieve their goals.

This year the workers in Iran are welcoming May 1 – the Workers’ celebrated Day, under such conditions which dependent bourgeoisie rulers, with help from regime (of Islamic Republic) that supports their interests, have organized a great plundering of workers’ wages and earnings. At the time when the leech-like bourgeoisie in Iran has kept the working class under the poverty line for so many years and has refused to pay their earned minimum wages on a regular basis, now is determined with these so called “Objectification of Subsidies” to drain the workers’ lives even more intensely. This intention was announced recently by the reactionary supreme ruler “Khamaneie”, officially calling the new year of 1389, the year of “Attempt and Extra Effort”.

The ill purpose of even more brutal exploitation of the workers under pseudo code name “Attempt and Extra Effort”, has been announced repulsively at the time when Ahmadinejad cabinet setting the minimum wage for year 1389 at roughly 228 Euro per month, putting the workers’ wages at one third of official poverty line. Accordingly, the Iranian workers, because of imbalances between their income and the cost of living have to work several jobs or double shifts, and despite all these efforts, still, they are not able to satisfy their own and their families’ hunger. Now, they are faced with the bourgeoisie rulers’ spokesman request that repulsively is asking them to do “Extra Effort” to survive.

Massive layoffs of workers at the beginning of current year at “Azmayesh Industrial Factories” – a refrigerator, air- conditioning and washing machine manufacturing company, “Saasaan” soft drink company, and “Khamaneh” textile manufacturing factory clearly would indicate that the new year will be a year of more unemployment, poverty and misery for all workers. In addition to that, under these circumstances, when “Objectification of Subsidies” program is arranged, considering run away inflation that it would cause, the empty pockets of the workers would be plundered even more than before. As it is obvious, this wave of all angles plundering by bourgeoisie rulers happens at a time when workers are laid off in large numbers and the capitalists refuse to pay the agreed wages. This situation shows that the leech-like bourgeoisie in Iran has put the working class in such a condition that if they don’t arise to object, nothing but a more miserable, destitute and destroying fate awaits them. In fact, today more than ever, Iranian workers are in a situation that only in a struggle against capitalists and its supporting regime to better their lives, can they defend their honour and humanity.

Incidentally, these days every body is a witness to this undisputed fact that along with back breaking economical pressures and with continuous repression of workers by ruling dictatorship, resistance and struggle of the working class in every dimensions are taking place daily, and workers with their objections and going on strikes every where in their working environments are standing off against the dependent bourgeoisie attacks. In this context, we have been witness to the significant appearances of young toiling workers and the vast army of unemployed especially in the poor neighbourhoods and toiling masses communities fighting the anti workers regime of Islamic Republic. Participation of workers in these heroic struggles and their determination in cooperating to forward the current struggle of our people to overthrow the Islamic Republic, in itself indicates the degree of their anger and detestation of the most extremely unjust and destitute existing situation and it designates their determination to change the miserable living conditions that Iranian bourgeoisie in an organic relationship to the foreign bourgeoisie has created for them to gain huge profits from their exploitation.

Today, more than ever, the necessity of overthrowing the Islamic Republic and the capitalist ruling system which is destroying lives and existence of working class has been put forward in front of the working class with more emphasis. The only way to free our workers is with a revolution to destroy the unjust system, a revolution that will not be victorious without workers leadership. Therefore, not only struggle for betterment of their living conditions, but purposeful struggle to overthrow Islamic Republic and forwarding the cause of revolution is a huge responsibility being put in front of the working class.

On the International Workers’ Day, let us try to help the working class in Iran in every possible way in forwarding its tremendous role, and to achieve this matter, take even longer steps.

Long Live May 1st, the International Workers’ Day!
Death to the Imperialism Dependent Regime of Islamic Republic! Victory to Revolution! Long Live Communism!
With Faith in Our Victorious Path
Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas (IPFG)
May 2010

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