The Activists of The Iranian People’s Fadaee Guerrillas in London

Democratic Anti-imperialist Organization of Iranians in Britain

Following the announcement of the results of the sham presidential elections in Iran, waves of anti regime demonstrations and protest actions has spread like wild fire across the country. The widest masses of the people that for the past 30 years have seen nothing but lies, oppression, and brutal suppression by this regime, have taken advantage of the contradictions within the ruling cliques over the results of the bogus election in order to fill the streets in Tehran and other major cities. They express their anger and indignation towards the regime of terror, torture and execution by raising powerful slogans such as “Down with absolutism!”, “Death to the dictator!”, “Down with the regime of lies!” and “Seyed Ali (Referring to Khamenei) Pinochet, Iran will not be another Chile!” 

The repressive forces of the regime, including the Islamic guards, militias, plain cloths police and other thugs, use extreme violence and brute force attacking the legitimate and just protests of the masses and do not stop short of any savagery in trying to suppress the protests. The participating masses indignant of the regime, heroically confront the repressive police forces of the regime responding the counter revolutionary violence by resorting to revolutionary violence. 

Mousavi, Karoubi and other “reformists” that throughout the past 30 years fascist rule of Islamic republic, have participated in all the crimes and atrocities of the regime, call on the militant masses to maintain calm and distance themselves from any violent and offensive actions during the protests. The reactionary media and propagandists of the oppressive system in power in Iran are resorting to all tricks and machinations to portray the mass protests and action in favour Mousavi in order to contain the protests and to protect the regime of Islamic republic from the militant challenge and the fury of the oppressed masses.

Under such conditions, it is the urgent task of communists and all other revolutionaries, progressives and freedom loving people to resolutely defend the just struggles and protest actions of the masses of the oppressed people in Iran fighting for the overthrow of the reactionary regime of Islamic republic. We must protest against the brutal and savage suppression of the militant struggle of the people by the regime of Islamic republic, the regime of torture, imprisonment and execution.

There will a protest action in front of the embassy of the regime of Islamic republic to defend the anti-regime protest action across Iran, to protest against the brutality of the ruling dictatorship in dealing with the just struggles of the masses and to expose the criminal anti-people nature of the Islamic republic and all its fascist cliques and factions. We invite all progressives and democratic forces to join us in this action to support the just struggle of the oppressed masses of Iran and to condemn the criminal regime of Islamic republic.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


Embassy of Islamic Republic

16 Princes Gate, London SW7

Nearest Tube: South Kensington

Activists of Peoples Fadii Guerrillas of Iran in London

Democratic anti-imperialist organisations of Iranians in Britain

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