Exposing Criminal Islamic Republic Regime of Iran in Montreal World Film Festival

Supporters of IPFG in Toronto – Canada

To Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF): 

Shame on you for premiering the movie “Muhammad” produced and budgeted over 50 Million Dollars by the criminal government of Iran. This is the blood money at the expense of thousands of Iranian artists, writers, journalists, students, women and workers being imprisoned, tortured, and often executed, just for opposing the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran.  Shame on you for not taking side with the Iranian people in their struggles, but instead, endorsing a government movie, a movie made by one of the most brutal regimes in recent history.

The movie “Muhammad” has been made by this murderous, criminal and oppressive regime of Iran as a diversion, a distraction to cover up the misery, suppression and suffocation that this brutal government has imposed upon Iranian people.   Showing the movie “Muhammad” is another cultural aggression by the criminal regime of Iran.

Majid Majidi, the director of “Muhammad” is a mercenary of Islamic Regime of Iran. His role is to glorify the brutal face of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Majid Majidi is a Khameneihenchman.  He has declared that the so called “Supreme Leader” Khamenei has the moral right to all aspects of Art !!!?  While millions of Iranian people are suffering from poverty and hunger, the barbaric Regime of Iran financed this epic movie and spent over 50 Million Dollars in making of “Muhammad”.

Did you know that vast majority of workers in Iran are not paid on a regular basis, and when they protest and go on strike, Islamic Republic Regime answers back by beating, imprisonment, and systematic torture of demonstrators?

Did you know that there are thousands of journalists and artists in prison in Iran, right now?

Did you know that censorship is so wide spread in all aspect of Iran’s media that no book, no show, no play, no movie can be made without the prior government approval from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance?

Did you know that according to Amnesty International, between 1 January 2015 and 15 July 2015, in the past six months alone, there have been nearly 700 executions in Iran?

To All Freedom Loving People of the World: 

The over 50 Million Dollars money which was spent on the making of the movie “Muhammad”, belonged to all those street children who sleep hungry every night in carton boxes all over metropolitan cities in Iran. This movie was made with the sole purpose of cleansing the awful face of dictatorship in Iran, and to gain credit in international community for Iran’s brutal and much hated government. Watch Majid Majidi YouTube video shenanigans and fake uncontrollable sobbing when he praises the “Supreme Leader” Khamenei at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VcPSPTxF1I

Denounce Majid Majidi as a “Supreme Leader” Court Clown.  Boycott the movie “Muhammad”.

Supporters of IPFG in Toronto – Canada

August 26, 2015

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