99% of Iranian Masses, in Solidarity with 99% of Oppressed People of the World!

IPFG Activists in USA

It has been more than a month since the inception of your heroic struggle “Occupy Wall Street” in New York and cities all over the world. Your bravery has made the ruling class to confess that the socio‐ economic situation is deteriorating. You have demonstrated once again, that the united struggle of the discontent is the only way to resist the capitalist attack against the workers and the oppressed of the world. You have shown the power of the people and how once determined and resolute, there is no force to encounter it. While those in power are busy thinking of methods to end your struggle, you persevere and continue to fight. Their effort in threatening your struggle, their brutality, their incarceration, and their ever‐present police force, has not only made you not give up your just cause, it has made you more decisive and determined in demanding what you insist is your right.

For decades the oppressed masses around the world have been resenting the ruling class and its policies. Their relentless policy of privatization and globalization has caused nothing but misery for workers around the world. They have cut down wages of workers consistently for more than three decades. They have threatened unions and thoughts of unionization around the world, and have incarcerated and tortured those who protest. While allowing one percent of the population of the world enrich themselves through cutting wages and creating slavery conditions, they have taken economic, political, and social rights away leaving the masses of workers with absolutely no rights. These political and social rights have been fought for throughout the 20th century by millions of workers. Economic improvements in higher wages, social security, and health insurance, a forty‐hour work week for workers were fought for since the end of 19th century. All of these rights have been taken away through policies geared towards globalization and privatization. Half of the world population is living with $2 or less a day, and more than 2 billion people in the world are struggling with hunger.

The lines of demarcation between the so called first and the third world have been erased. Nowhere in the world is the working class immune from brutal policies of privatization and decrease in wages and political rights. It is therefore time for the oppressed of the world to rise and follow the path put forth by you and your struggle against world capitalism.

The world under the capitalist system is facing a destructive and dark future. Active participation in the form of strikes, protests, marches, etc. will surely smooth the path to a brighter future. There is no alternative but to question the status quo of capitalism and to implement new society that serves the working people and oppressed masses of the world.

The recent uprisings of the people around the world are prime examples of such discontent. The rising of the masses for bread and freedom tells the news of exacerbated oppression and repression by the capitalists and despots. In order to keep the exploitative status, the parasitical capitalist class has utilized the most brutal and violent means against workers. In Iran, alike, spite of all the “anti American” and “anti Imperialist” rhetoric, the Islamic Republic regime of Iran, throughout all these past 32 years has given away our oppressed people’s national wealth and resources to the Imperialists’ oil and military companies and Trusts. Iran has turned into a more profitable marketplace for giant corporations and Imperialist governments. Under the Islamic regime, the imperialist‐dependent capitalist system in Iran has grown and expanded. While reciting empty slogans against “America” and “East and West Imperialism”, the Islamic Republic regime of Iran holds the most comprehensive IMF monetary, economic and political relationships with the very same Imperialists.

In Iran, the Islamic regime from the very first days of coming to power, under the name of Islam, yet in fact by serving the Imperialists, committed atrocities against the oppressed people of Iran; tens of thousands of political activist were massacred by the regime. Today with unemployment rising over 30%, our youths have no clear prospect for their future, thousands of workers have not been paid for months, any strike or resistance by workers have been faced with severe punishment by the regime, this brutal regime in order to serve the capitalists’ interests, have filled the prisons with dissenters and pro‐freedom activists who have risen up against the dictatorship, and thousands of University students have been brutalized and detained when they protest and that each and every protest movement of the oppressed masses are viciously crushed. This is the condition of life for 99% of people of Iran.

To strengthen our struggle, to realize our revolutionary desires, we must try to expand our unity and solidarity with the oppressed people of the world. We commend and support your struggle and reach out to you as fellow comrades, brothers and sisters.

Long Live the Heroic Struggle of 99 Percenters throughout the World Long Live International Solidarity of Masses of the World
Down With the Capitalist Dependent Islamic Republic Regime of Iran

IPFG Activists in USA

October 22, 2011

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