Genocide of Palestinian People; the Effect of Zionists Domination

Fariborz Sanjari

Around noon on Saturday December 27, 2008, the Israeli army conducted a widespread air attack on Gaza; and by killing children and defenseless Palestinian people, once again in front of the eyes of the people of the world it displayed the real and criminal face of the Zionist regime of Israel.  Although considering Israel’s history which is filled entirely with aggressions and atrocities against people of Palestine, this attack in itself was not a new incident, this time the oppressive and criminal Israeli machine attempted a new record and increased the numbers of killings through air attacks to a level higher than ever.  On the first day of Israel’s military bombardment of Gaza, over 200 people, many of them civilians and children died.  Such a number killed during a single attack – even throughout history of atrocities and oppressions of Israel itself – had not been seen previously.

From time of Israel’s formation in 1948, the world has always been witnessing the killings of Palestinian people and occupation of their land by the Israeli government with overt support from the Imperialist forces.  Of course history of this regime’s atrocities against Palestinian people goes all the way before that year and to the times when Israel founders acted as terrorist groups; and in fact, history of Zionists aggression in occupying the land of Palestine has been inscribed upon terror, butchery, and atrocity.  This matter is a fact for which clearly obvious reasons exist.  Since when a large population is supposed to be pushed off their birth land to be substituted with supporters of a particular religion to take residency there, what other method could be chosen except those criminal methods that the Zionists have taken and practiced up until now!?

It is exactly for this very reason that during the past 60 years, the Israeli regime has always been utilizing war, mayhem, and terror amongst Palestinian people, further occupation of their lands and breaking down resistance of oppressed people to win over possession of Palestine land without any consideration.  That was the reason Yitzhak Shamir, one of the leaders of Israel used to say: “Palestine has been a land without a nation and must be given to a nation without a land.”  Therefore, genocide of Palestinian people for permanent occupation is innate ruling of Israeli government and these two are inseparable from each other.    

An important factor that must be considered about Israel regime is that although this government like any other government is the organized force of a class to protect the existing economical relations, at the same time it is a well organized machine to continue conserve Palestinian land and, laying out its Imperialist bosses political commands in the region and, aggression and killing of Palestinian people are among its regular and everlasting duties.

Exactly to cover up such reality, during every Israeli attack on Palestinian people, with the support of Imperialist bosses and other reactionary supporters, the Israeli regime’s propaganda machine starts justifying that attack.  This time also, the government is using “Missile attack” from Gaza to the cities of Israel as an excuse for attacking the civilians and unarmed people of Gaza; and in response to the global protests against killing civilian people, it announced with impudent that it is Hamas’ fault that has hidden itself behind civilian population.

Although Hamas is a reactionary and counter revolutionary force, but mass killing of defenseless people by resorting to Hamas cannot clear up an iota from atrocious shameful face of Israel government or make it less criminal.  Hamas is the same substance as of Zionism and has been prepared and produced for exactly opposite of Palestinian people’s interests.  Incidentally, this hand made creature is brainchild of intelligence machines of America and Israel, Shin Beth, Mossad and CIA, formed and supported to push communists and nationalist and liberation forces away from the scene of struggle and caused the reactionary forces to confiscate the leadership of Palestinian people*.  It was they who developed Hamas and basically Islamic Fundamentalism in Palestine and dropped them onto people’s lives in the region. Then they tried to suppress every cries of objection against Israel regime’s atrocities with tumult of necessity of fighting terrorists and Islamic terrorism.  The Imperialist scheme to form Islamic oppositions has reached some of its goals today; with the help of granted dollars by Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, wherever Hamas and other reactionary cliques have gathered a crowd of people around themselves, by abusing the masses’ anti Imperialist sentiments, they have been able to inflict big blows to the peoples’ anti imperialist movement and cause that movement somewhat deviate from its revolutionary path.  At the same time, whenever Imperialists and Zionists interest requires, they use Hamas and other reactionary groups’ existence as an excuse to push forward their warmongering and anti masses policies and continuation of occupation in the Middle East.  It should be emphasized that in general, the Jewish fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism are each other twin and have identical destiny and counter revolutionary usages.

Looking at how the Islamic Fundamentalism was developed in the region supports the above fact and shows Imperialists and in particular American Imperialism have been behind entities such as Hamas; and basically it is through their support and backing that the presence of these reactionary cliques are visible everywhere.  During the process of Iranian people revolution, we witnessed negotiations of the Khomeini’s clique with the US and the US’ support for them to take power and we saw how the mercenary army of Shah became Islamic overnight and took oath of allegiance with the “People’s Imam”, and “Imam” sat in “Shah’s” place.  Then in Afghanistan, we followed these groups in “Afghani Mojahedin” clothing, fighting the Soviet aggression, hand in hand of CIA agents, and years later we read while the American government apparently was pursuing Bin Laden for his role he played in the bloody explosions of American embassies in Nairobi and Islam-Abad (1988), how exactly two months before September 11, 2001 incident, the CIA representatives went into the American hospital in Dubai visiting Bin Laden where he was getting treatment as a patient (according to Le Figaro Periodical), and during recent years everybody clearly witnessed that US overthrew Iraq’s dictator -Saddam Hussein with military aggression and put those Islamists to power who were awaiting under the shade of unknown soldiers of the “Absent Imam” in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Later everybody saw how the new Iraqi officials are practicing taking Saddam Hussein’s place under the fire power of more than 150 thousand American soldiers.  I do not think to explain this policy it is necessary to mention all such events in different countries, but it can be seen everywhere that Islamic Fundamentalism, or according to the pro Imperialist “leftists” – “Political Islam” was developed under the CIA guidance and the petro dollars of the brutish Islamic Republic of Iran and financial support of the mercenary Saudi Arabian regime whose dependence on America is so obvious.  All of this reactionary force effort is to make the popular movement and struggle deviate from just and revolutionary path and isolate the revolutionary forces.

Based upon the above mentioned facts, the most absurd claim of Israeli regime, which even has not found its fierce air attacks to be sufficient enough and tries to reoccupy parts of Gaza stripe as much as it can, is to justify this attack upon Hamas’ existence.  While the Israeli government during its violent attacks on Palestinian people, is aiming the democratic revolutionary movement of the people and its resistance and, with such attacks in fact it is suppressing the steely willpower of this nation for freedom.  Israel’s history which is filled entirely with aggressions and atrocities proves that main objection of Israeli government is crushing popular resistance of Palestinian people that for over 60 years have heroically fought back against their land occupiers, the kind of aggressors that are trying with the most violent methods to break down any popular resistance; and not just suppressing Hamas clique and preventing Palestinian groups sending missiles to Israel.

Certainly Hams is a reactionary and dependant political group and if they come to power some day, considering the conditions in which they take power, undoubtedly after awhile  they will treat people the same way that the clique rulers of Iran have done and continue doing so.  By understanding this fact, the responsibility of revolutionary forces become more recognized, and they justifiably should not allow Imperialists and Israel suffocate the Palestinian people’s resistance and then deny their own criminal role in killing innocent people under the banner of fighting Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism.  The Palestinian people’s demands are legitimate and clear.  These oppressed people who are treated like aliens in their own homelands are basically struggling to gain their right for self determination.  And since condition of materializing such a demand is to let people’s will be exercised freely and since this itself is dependent on establishing democratic conditions, therefore before anything the main obstacle which prevents  establishing Palestinian people’s democracy, freedom and consequently occurrence of the right of self determination must be recognized and put under attack. If people take step toward this goal, then considering the undeniable Zionist dependence on the US Imperialism, with the first step, they will clearly observe that their main enemies consist of which forces and why they should simultaneously put American Imperialism and its mercenary Israel regime under their attacks, and not as if to give America the role of an independent referee that is necessary in this fight to spare half a glance on their demands.  In fact Israel’s domination is so deeply and undeniably intertwined with policies and interests of American Imperialism that the ex-president of that country, Ronald Reagan called Israel as “US Navy Carrier in the Region,” and during the Israel aggression in Lebanon George Bush said with extreme bawdry: “What is happening currently in Lebanon and Palestine is not an Israeli affair supported by America; but rather it is an American mission that is done by Israel (Thierry Meyssan, French Journalist)

Reality is that Imperialism is the main enemy of Palestinian people and the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation is anti Imperialist struggle before anything else and for this very reason, freedom of this oppressed nation without definite severance of imperialists’ domination and influence is impossible.  Denying and ignoring this fact and misgiving the illusion of achieving peace and freedom through Imperialists’ kindnesses and within framework of Imperialistic plans – which is as old as revolutionary movement of Palestinian masses itself – has no result but what we are facing everyday.  Such illusions up until now have caused these apparent resolutions that are produced to “solve” the Israeli- Palestinian problem, face terrible defeat each and every time, and add new dimensions to the problems and sufferings of the oppressed people of Palestinian.  These experiences tell us that radical forces should not allow the deceitful propaganda of the Imperialists and Zionists take away the real enemies from people’s eyes; rather, spreading of illusions in regard to Imperialists’ intentions should be challenged, and people should be told candidly that their only way to freedom comes through struggle to destroy Imperialist domination and its dependent regimes.

Considering the matter that was explained, if we look upon the Palestine revolution for what it is, then we shall not fall into various existing types of digression in this regard.  For example, rise to support Hamas and the reactionary Islamists with the pretext of struggling against Imperialism and Zionism.  Or, for feeling hatred toward the Islamic Republic of Iran, since Islamic Republic openly supports Hams and Islamic fundamentalism, then we feel tendency toward defending Israel and Imperialist policies, and like pro Imperialists so called Leftists, supply fuel for Imperialist propagandas.  The fact of the matter is that all of the reactionary forces of region are against the righteous demands of the Palestinian people and foremost their right for self determination.  This faithfulness or faithlessness toward fundamental demands of the Palestinian people and methodology of materializing those demands is what defines the line drawn between the Palestinian friends and foes, not deceptive claims and deceitful propagandas that has deafened everybody’s ears for too many years.  On this basis, it can be seen that neither the so called Hamas Authority nor the caricatured government of Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank are friends and defenders of the Palestinian revolution.  The leaders of these forces shut their opponents up and suppress people’s protest even before having reached the real power and instead of moving in the direction of people’s demands they have stepped into the direction of their own interests and corrupted desires.  Considering these facts, it is a major mistake and digression to portray such infamous cliques who have walked against people’s interests, hand in hand with the reactionary forces, as the real leadership of Palestinian people or march under their flag with this pretext that Palestinian people and their revolution suffer, and lack a true revolutionary leadership. 

Experience from history of struggles of oppressed peoples throughout the world during at least past sixty years and the particular experience from struggles in the Middle East in recent years has revealed that materialization of the fundamental demands of the masses can only be achieved through revolution under the leadership of the working class.  To reach victory, the revolution needs to mobilize broadest masses and unite greatest number of allies, and on such a road undoubtedly uniting in struggles with the workers and toiling Israelis to annihilate Imperialist domination and formation of a democratic popular government in this land is an imperative matter.  For this reason, anybody who stands for Palestinian people’s right for self determination – that can only come about in democratic conditions gained after destruction of Imperialist domination and its agent regimes – must rise up with all his/her strength in support of Palestinian people’s revolution.  All experiences from struggle point out that revolution to annihilate Imperialist domination and Israeli Zionist domination is the only path to materialize the main demands of the people of Palestine.

Of course in opposition to such a realistic solution for liberation of Palestinian people, there are always some people yelling out in fury that we should be “realists”.  In opposition to the above statements, they will respond in their special “realistic” demeanor  that people problems and difficulties are resolved neither in our minds, dreams, nor our wishes, but on the stage of real action; therefore at the time when communists are not having powerful presence in the scene and Imperialists and Zionists have managed to marginalize national and freedom seeking forces, and organize their grand army; how could we expect and put our hearts into a revolution – especially the one that can fulfill materialization of principal demands of Palestinian people?  Then compromisingly claim that therefore we must work with these real forces in this very existing framework that we see, and go forward step by step in the arena where Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh are the leaders, why, because after all these are representatives of Palestinian people who were elected allegedly through free election!  

But these so called realists ought to be told that for so many years these forces with complete so called realistic demeanor, actually in prostration in front of might are dancing to the tune of  Imperialist, Zionist and reactionary dependent regimes of region, yet nothing is gained by the oppressed Palestinian people.   

We saw how with their “realism”, all of their demands to have an independent state of Palestine were turned into a “self governing” force that lacks any sort of real power and its jurisdiction and its field of activities are the separate ghettos instead of the whole Palestinian land, and everyday Israelis with some excuses re-occupy those ghettos and with encircling and bombardment they take away people’s space to breath.  We have seen that those so called leaders have abandoned the demand for return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and shacks.  In spite of all their compromising and set backs, Israelis do not relinquish and create more refugees in a different way, every day and with their settlement constructions, take more of Palestinian land to adjoin to Israel.  Wouldn’t all these bitter experiences tell us that it is better not to confuse realism with reformism and beseeching at the doorway of worlds’ powers?  And say it candidly and frankly that since so called “World Dialogue” has changed, therefore anything they offer should be accepted and be appreciative of that fact that the owners of might are willing again to throw something in front of us!           

With reliance upon lessons taken from reactionary and compromising policies given to the masses, it can be said that these phony realists deny this most realistic solution for the current status, which is revolution to destroy Imperialist domination and its lackey regime – the Zionist regime in Israel.  Of course every step of such a revolution is full of intricacies and complexities; in fact the revolution path is not an asphalted highway, but a stony off road with so many potholes.  But the road to the revolution, a revolution under the leadership of the working class is the only way to reach freedom.  Thus far, with their heroic resistance against the aggressive government of Israel, the Palestinian people have shown that they do not fear taking the revolutionary road, and they only have to free themselves from the constriction of compromising “leaders”, and put themselves under a real revolutionary leadership that cannot be anything but a communist one, to go forward in the direction of reaching self determination.

Under such revolution, the Palestinian people can and should be supported in solidarity with the working class and the oppressed Israelis that struggle everyday and are under daily exploitation and suppression of the capitalist ruling class and the Zionist government that is in the power.  Understanding this reality of struggle, that is the class common interest between the working class and oppressed masses of Palestine and the working class and oppressed Jewish Israelis and stepping into direction of materializing that matter can accelerate the process of revolution and just struggle of Palestinian people against its enemies – Imperialism and Zionism.   It is precisely for this reason, with every attack of Israel government against people of Palestine, workers and freedom seeking Jewish forces rise up in protest against Israeli regime, and today we are witnessing remarkable number of Jewish freedom seekers in Europe and America protesting the killing of Gaza people.

It is the duty of all freedom fighting forces to rise with a strong will in support of the commendable resistance of Palestinian people and to denounce the enemies and the butchers of these masses, and defending Palestinian people resistance and exposing the crimes of the brutal criminal rulers in Israel not to be ceased even for one moment. 

January 12, 2009

*In “Devil’s Game” written by Robert Dreyfuss, referring to documents and information from CIA agents, the author has analyzed in details the role America and Israel have played in forming such forces.  We also know that during the Oslo Peace Negotiation, when Yasser Arafat mentioned development and formation of Hamas by Israeli government, in reply, the late prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin was forced to name Hamas as one of the Israel’s mistakes.

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