Terrorism, a Pretext for the Expansion of the Domination of Imperialism!

Fariborz Sanjari

Below is the translation text of a speech by Comrade Fariborz Sanjari, titled “Terrorism, a Pretext for the Expansion of the Domination of Imperialism!”, which was given in London, UK on February 9, 2002 at the Commemoration of the 1971 Siahkal Insurrection and the February 1979 Uprising in Iran.

With thanks to all comrades and friends who are present tonight at this ceremony for the commemoration of thirty-first anniversary of the Siahkal resurrection and the twenty-third anniversary of Bahman uprising. Before addressing the main discussion, let me cherish the unforgettable memories of the brave warriors of Siahkal and the heroic masses, uprising in February 1979 and emphasize the point that these two events are great incidents in the history of the struggles of the Iranian people which, although many years have passed since they happened, but they still are of inspiration and source of valuable experiences. These experiences were gained at the expense of the blood of the most virtuous sons and daughters of the homeland and at the expense of lives of combatants, who during the course of their lives and their combat, showed that their heart did not beat but for establishing a free society, emancipated from oppression and tyranny. I hope that we all can be inspired on the theoretical principles of the movement of these warriors and the daring and tenacious actions of the uprising masses as a means of analyzing the current conditions and understanding the features of current situation.

As you know, the title of today’s discussion is “Terrorism, Pretext for Expansion of Imperialism Domination.”  In this topic, we address terrorism, which is talked about everywhere and there is no day when the Western media do not highlight the news and do not draw public attention to it. 

Our attempt at this topic is that, by relying on the facts and information that were reflected in the Western’s own publications and show the reason and how American government misuses this problem and make clear how American imperialism has made “terrorism” an excuse for its anti-people domination.

Following the September 11th incident that resulted in the death of several thousand people, the American government welcomed it as a valued opportunity and talked about the beginning of “first war of 21st century” and “a war with no end envisioned.”  And then, the American president, with total flagrancy, addressed the whole world and threatened that “either you are with us and against terrorists”, or “expect death and destruction.”  

The American hellish propaganda in this context and the terrifying atmosphere and horror that this propaganda was seeking to create, really scared quite a few. And we witnessed some political forces and individuals who, while claiming they will stand by their commitment to fight against the enemies of freedom and democracy, surrendered and with their position in this regard, they submitted to the exact point that the US imperialism wanted it. Some of the political forces, among other things, said “the American government has the right to pursue the perpetrators of the crime against its people anywhere in the world (1). This way, the leading organizer and sponsor of terrorism in the world is given the right to do what it wishes to do around the world on the pretext of fighting against so-called terrorism, the enemy whom defines it itself!?  It is unclear whether those forces with such arguments give the Islamic Republic such right or not and if not why not?  And if granting such a right to the criminal regime of Islamic Republic is the peak falsehood, then why, with such a generosity grant this right to criminal American imperialism.  In short, in the uproar (dust raising) that was created, attempt was made to pose less of the main questions and false responses were disseminated as much as possible.

Without a doubt, the first question came and still coming to everyone’s mind is the question that who is the other side of this war that the American-statesmen account as a protracted war and supposedly without limitation and boarder?  And essentially, the September 11th incident was organized by whom and what were the motives that now became a “divine blessing” and has received such an attention from the American ruling body and became an excuse for military campaign in Afghanistan and the announcement of the stance by the American Secretary of Defense “We are dealing with a permanent war whose end is unclear”, in fact, who will benefit from this state of war and from this unbridle militarism? 

The official response from the American government to the question of who committed the September 11th event is this allegation that bin Laden, the famous billionaire of Saudi Arabia at the head of the Islamic “al-Qaeda”, has organized this action. Based on this allegation, the American government apparently, for his arrest, is targeting Afghanistan with such brutal bombardments.

Of course, no attributable evidence regarding this allegation has been presented to the American public and not to the international communities and what has been said so far, except causing ridicule among witted people and consequently the disgrace for the American government. 

For example, the American Federal Bureau, FBI, for the proof of this allegation, announced that the passport of one of the terrorist has been found in the debris left by the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. If we accept this lie, we must accept that the passport of the perpetrators of September 11th event was made of special paper and had a special coating in which the flames that burned hundreds of human beings, was intact or for sure the passport itself had to be radiant (!?) that FBI was able to instantly detect it among thousand tons of iron, rock, and dirt. Another case, that the other terrorist’s bag was found at the bathroom of the airport where the above-mentioned planes were hijacked.  

Again, if we accept that this allegation is true and the bag belongs to the airplane hijackers, then for the long period that these individuals were preparing for these operations, for sure more things they would have left here and there and that logically could have given clues to police and the American security organization, before committing the operations. Then, why such clues were not found or if there was any, why no measure was taken to prevent such a brutal action!?

In short, at the present, what has been said about the perpetrators of this incident, brought no result other than creating more questions and disgrace for the American intelligence agency. On the other hand, it is clear that no revolutionary force, would not have and could not have committed this act. If revolutionary forces in some situations perform military actions, it is within the framework of a revolutionary strategy and goal and for drawing public opinions towards their goals and humanitarian issues and struggles. For revolutionary forces, the end does not justify the mean, and for the reason of their humanistic goals, they do not and cannot resort to any criminal tactic.  In the situation where revolutionary forces perform military actions, they make every effort not to harm any innocent human life.  Whereas, in this incident we witnessed how the terrorists transformed innocent human beings into missile and attacked their intended buildings with such missiles.

For the sake of further clarification of the issue, allow me here to mention an experience from Fadaee Guerrillas.

Following the Siahkal Resurrection, the Shah’s regime distributed the photos of 9 Fadaees everywhere and offered reward worth of 100,000 Toomans for their head (Tooman is the name of Iranian currency – Translator). One of these nine people was Comrade Zaybaram. In month of Mordad in 1351 (August, 1972 – Translator), comrade Zaybaram was surrounded by SAVAK agents (the Shah’s notorious secrete service – Translator), in one of the Tehran’s street and was wounded during the clash with them. At the  time, the Shah’s regime own press reported that Ahmad was wounded by bullet strike during this clash and takes refuge in a house and requests a chador (a shroud that Muslim women wear to cover their body from head to toes – Translator) from the woman of the house to wrap around his wound. Then, while paying for the cost of the chador, and in order to save the life of the house owner and to avoid putting the family members in any harm’s way, he guides them to the basement then he goes to the rooftop and confronts the SAVAK agents and dies heroically. 

Indeed, (Comrade – Translator) Zaybrom method of dealing with people was a reflection of his humanitarian goals and explanatory of the correct approach and principle of Guerrillas in dealing with people. Comparison of these two cases, in itself reveals the existence of a deep valley between the goals and the methods of action of revolutionary and anti-revolutionary forces. Indeed, revolutionary forces that employ any method of action, from distribution of a single sheet of statement and writing a slogan and organizing a most complex military operation, are on the pursuit of the humanistic and revolutionary goals. They want to earn the moral support of the masses, spread the struggle against repressive forces, and draw masses into the main scene of the battle for the emancipation. While the incident such as September 11, except drawing hatred and disgust of the people of the world, could not have any other result.

Thus, the September 11 incident can only be the work of an extreme reactionary force, a force with anti-human and self-profiting goals, a force that resorts to any means to achieve its goals. Let’s suppose that this force is one of the fundamentalist terrorist groups, like bin Laden Al-Qaeda organization. Here this question is posed that such a reactionary force to be able to carry out such a complex operation during which 4 planes at the same time get hijacked in America, despite all security controls, two planes struck the Twin Towers and the third hits pentagon and fourth crashes in a field in Pennsylvania, must have had wide range of means and facilities, lengthy planning and organized work, and a very high level of security covering. Basically, it is unimaginable that such an operation succeeding at this rate be able to go ahead without the support of powerful government inner-circles in America. Perhaps the American’s claim itself that introduces bin Laden as the organizer of this operation, can help to understand the source of supporting powers of the September 11 operation, given the fact that bin Laden was one of the known CIA collaborators. 

During the past two decades and in a process that bin Laden became famous, the relationship between this individual and Saudi Arabia’s security organization and CIA was not secret relationship. According to the specific role of this individual in shaping and supporting of fundamentalist groups who are active in different countries and the terrorist acts that attributed to him, this relationship was brought up frequently in the American and Western own press, sometimes, even some American officials admitted to this case. Apart from the relationship between bin Laden and Saudi Arabia’s security organization and CIA, he and his family relationship with Bush family and their economic relationship is not something that has not been raised in the Western own press. For example, Bush, the American president and bin Laden’s brother jointly were the owner of an oil company called Arbusto Energy. (2) 

Thus, whether the undeniable relations between bin Laden with CIA and the Saudi Arabia’s security organization and whether his economic relations with a series of American officials (3) and also the great effects of September 11 incident in American economy, that I will talk about later, can draw everyone’s attention to the role of a powerful forces and inner-circle behind the predators of that plan.

Let us, for the sake of understanding the real predators of this incident, for the time being, take the American government allegation, that bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organization are responsible for this incident, as the base of our argument’s starting point. Therefore, we must see who this bin Laden is? Specially when this is not the first time that America introduce bin Laden as the cause of a terrorist act. bin Laden is son of one of the Saudi Arabia wealthiest families who had a very close relationship with the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia and to the extent that he attained a series of construction contracts (including restoring the house of Ka’aba), (ka’aba means “cube” in Arabic and is situated in the middle of the holy mosque in the city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia – Translator). The company’s work has so developed that right now, it is one of the biggest construction companies with a capital equivalent to 5 billion dollars and 40,000 employees. bin Laden himself, is Building Engineer graduated from Jeddah University and one of the closest friend of Prince Faisal, the person who was the head of the Saudi Security Organization from 1977 to about August of 2001. 

During the years that the America was organizing and equipping Afghan Mujahidin against the Soviet, bin Laden in association with CIA, gradually became one of the important facilitator officials for the American policies in Afghanistan. A man with millions of dollars secret budget in his possession and with this budget, he should recruit and arm Afghan Mujahedin in order to fight Soviets. During these years, he officially collaborated with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who, for a while, became prime minister of Afghanistan. And gradually, through arms trading and drug trafficking and relationship with Saudi and CIA, he enjoyed high political influence and economic power. Following the American policy change in Afghanistan and American support of empowering Taliban to create an integrated and powerful central power in Afghanistan, bin Laden joined Taliban. And he used all of his economic power and political influence to advance this policy. Therefore, a glance at the dossier of this person, makes it clear that during all these years, bin Laden, as one of the close friends of the head of the Saudi Security Organization and CIA’s active agent, has taken steps to advance American policies in the region. And it is more correct to add, not only in the region but also all over the world, through the support and formation of Islamic fundamentalist groups in the four corners of the world. The groups formed on the basis of imperialists policy to infiltrate the popular movements and to divert these movements, grew such as mushrooms here and there! Therefore, it is mere naivety that we think bin Laden is a fanatical Muslim who, because of his religious sentiments and fundamentalist thoughts, has formed a group to fight against infidels and infidelity.  Even, in the conditions we exactly saw and see that organizing and consolidation of the Islamic organizations, either because of the struggle against the former Soviet Union, which was under the guise of communism, or in order to suppress the anti-imperialist revolution of the people of the region, and the weakening of revolutionary forces and communists, was the official American policy (4). The same policy that has put Khomeini in place yesterday and today is moving forward with the plans of Mullah Omar and bin Laden to advance its projects.

As I said, bin Laden’s ties with spy agencies and his affiliation with such organizations is so evident that neither it can be denied nor it be can overlooked.  On the other hand, the American government has identified bin Laden responsible for a series of terrorist acts against American interest.  In fact, during the course of these events, some American facilities have been destroyed and many Americans have been killed. This discrepancy or it is better to say, this neocolonial deception led some individuals and political forces, in order to resolve their discrepancies, claim that bin Laden is a dog who has broken chain and is now biting his master (5).  According to this view, we are faced with a Frankenstein. For sure you have heard the Frankenstein’s name. He was a physician who created a monster, designed to build human being, who later got out of his control and eventually destroyed its builder. But the theory that America created a monster that is unable to control does not conform to the reality.  

When we accept that bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organization are made by the American own security apparatus and these organizations have been created within the framework of neo-colonial conspiracies in order to advance colonial policies. Then, we must know that the presence and infiltration of the American intelligence apparatus in the al-Qaeda organization is not limited to one person and in no way do the intelligence agencies tie their fates and their intended policies to the fate of one person. They not only exploit any person, they also attempt to place their men in all the institutions and organs of such organizations so that their entire investment does not go away with the changing positions of the certain individual.

Now that the discussion has reached to here, let me mention another experience. The same reality can be seen in the relationship that the former Soviet intelligence organization had with the ill-reputed “Majority” organization (an anti-shah organization who later on became supporter of Khomeini’s regime – Translator) and its cadres and members when they were settled in the former Soviet.  As stated in the book entitled “khaneh Dai Yousef” (House of Uncle Joseph – Translator) published by one of the former members of this organization, the Soviet Intelligence Organization, KGB, despite its formal relationship with the leadership of the Majority organization, has bypassed the leadership of the organization and contacted the members of the organization independently. And with allure and threat wanted them to cooperate with the intelligent organization to advance Soviet policies, an effort, evidently, that has not been ineffective and has led to some members of the organization to join KGB.  According to the leadership of the organization, even their protest against the leaders of the communist party of the Soviet and its spy organization could not stop it. (6)  Doesn’t this experience show that spy agencies do not merely content with their formal relationship with an organization and the presence of some elements at its helm, but they also try to place their own special men in its different institutions and organs to bring the whole organization under their own control?  Doesn’t the disgraceful experience of the Majorities in the former Soviet, show the intelligence apparatus never tie their fate to just one relationship?  As a result, in regard to bin Laden and the al-Qaeda group relationship with CIA, one must consider the same reality, and know, given the assumption that a person intends to break their past relationship, through infiltrated elements can easily be put aside and the entire organization still remains under the direction of the real masters.  Therefore, in regard to bin Laden and people like him, one cannot rely on the thesis, that even if he had some relationships with a certain spy agency someday, now he has violated these relationships and turned against them, because if that were the case, we should have witnessed some tensions in al-Qaeda organization and the attempt of the other American agents in the organization for his dismissal.  By the way, there are facts that make bin Laden’s relationship with America, an ongoing one.  Allow me draw your attention to the report by Figaro publication in this context. 

On October 29 (2001), the Figaro publication reported that just two months before the September 11 incident, bin Laden went to American hospital in Dubai for treatment and the CIA agent in the area met him on July 13th. It is interesting that this CIA official, reports this meeting to his higher officials. What has been quoted in Figaro is, incidentally, the period in which the American government and the International Police were pursuing bin Laden and even the United Nations Security Council issued a resolution on his arrest and the American government, for the same excuse, had rocketed his so-called base in Afghanistan. As you know, following massive explosions that took place in American embassies in Nairobi and Islamabad in 1998, the American government introduced bin Laden and his group as the cause that killed more than 200 people. At that time, American government called for bin Laden to be arrested, and since his bases were in Afghanistan and Taliban refused to hand him over, the United Nation Security Council called for his extradition in a resolution in the first place, and because of the lack of cooperation by Taliban, it boycotted the Afghanistan government and the US also bombed missile at bin Laden bases. 

Doesn’t this fact reveal that bin Laden’s relationship with the CIA has never been discontinued and that the whole American government’s propaganda on the need for his arrest, was nothing but lies?  Doesn’t this fact reveal the depth of imperialist conspiracies in relation to bin Laden and in order to justify imperialist policies?  And doesn’t Frankenstein theory show, as much as a theory, he has not broken chain and kept his ties with his masters. 

Let me sum up this part and begin the next section.  September 11 event was the work of extremely reactionary forces. Those who have committed this work, without the security covering of the powerful circles in America itself, could not have been able to carry it out. Even if we accept the America’s claim regarding bin Laden’s role in this case, in light of the close relationship of this person with the intelligence apparatus, it still becomes clear that incentive and covering forces behind this incident, were no one except for powerful circles in America itself.  

Now, we must see what inner-circle practically benefited from this incident and what forces had pocketed billions of dollars from it and this incident paved the way for what policies!?  Clarifying these issues, undoubtedly helps in understanding the facts behind the scene and at the same time, will show that how the American ruling body has used this incident as a pretext for intensifying its domineering power in the world. 

One of the results of the September 11 was the one-week shut down of New York Stock Exchange. When stock market restarted its operation, its stock value dropped by $2 billion, according to the American press release.  But in the midst of this fall in stock prices, during which a number of shareholders and many companies incurred losses, it was widely witnessed that the price of stock of armament factories and the price of gold significantly increased.  It is clear that in this case, which of course is not the only one, who pocketed millions of dollars. This case raised questions and a number of shareholders sought answers, and it reached to a point where head of the Central Bank of Germany announced that according to the bank’s investigation, it became clear that, before September 11, suspicious transactions involving gold and oil, as well as shares of airlines and insurance companies have been taken place, the fact that uncovers the nature of the forces who had prepared themselves to take advantage of such incidents. 

On the other hand, we know that, following this incident, the American Congress quickly provided to the Bush administration with a $40 billion budget, of which, nearly $15 billion was directly and immediately provided to the Pentagon, according to American press release.  But, despite this large amount of money, in light of the plans and military invasions agenda, drafted after the September 11 incident, the US Department of Defense still calls for more budget funding.

Increase of the Pentagon budget, naturally means expanding military scopes, including increase in the purchase of military weapons, which in itself means the boom of the military industry. In a situation where the American economy was facing a growing crisis, according to the American own economic centers, the country’s economy had slipped into a recession, the launch of the military industry was considered the most effective way to cope with the recession, according to part of the ruling body. 

The fact is that the downward trend of economic growth in America had begun almost a year before September 11.  Decline in trade, lack of sufficient demand for already manufactured products, had led to an increase in surplus of finished goods and this case in itself had led to a decline in production and an increase in unemployment rate.  So far as the unemployment rate has grown to 5%. Without a doubt, one of the consequences of the economic crises in the capitalist system is more and more workers being laid-off and thus increases in the reserved army of labor.  For this reason, with the growth of the crisis in American economy, various companies began to lay off workers.  For example, General Electric fired 7,500 workers and General Motors deprived 15,000 people of their jobs.  Approximately 700,000 to one million people were added to the number of unemployed, according to a press release from America. All these facts were a clear sign of the rise of a crisis in the American economy. In order to prevent economic downturn, the “federal Reserve of America” in a short period, cut interest rate 8 times, reduced it to 2.5% which was unprecedented in past 40 years, reflecting the growth of the stagnation in the American economy before September 11. But these actions, as they were expected or claimed, could not stop the American economy from moving toward the recession. The increase in unsold manufactured products, decrease in interest rate, decrease in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), compared to the projections, increase in the government budget deficit, and ever-growing unemployment continued. All of these were about a crisis that would take a wider dimension every day, a crisis that caused a gradual collapse of the stock market.    

The fact is that the gloomy prospect of the state of the economy could not exempt the inner-circle and the gangs of various bourgeoisies in America to attempt to cope with this situation in order to maintain their superior economic status.  Pondering on these facts reveal how much blessing the American ruling body had on September 11, and how it served to justify the expansion of the existing war machine and, more importantly, to put it into practice.    

War and militarism have always been one of the well-known ways to combat economic crises, and of course for the history of capitalist system that is written in blood, this comes naturally. War is an instrument to cover up the social upheavals caused by the capitalist economic turmoil. Hence, by increasing the investment in military industries the outlook for de-escalating crisis can be achieved for the critical economy. If we have a glance at the history of Capitalism, one can clearly observe how the system provokes reactionary wars in order to confront their economical crises. We do not have to go far back, for example ever since the Great Depression of 1929 in the USA, every major crisis has been met with a bloody war. 

From the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War to the Gulf War, the American governing body has always resolved its problems by resorting to war.  And today too, if we see that they are beating the drum of war so hard after the September 11th and talk about a war that there is not an end to it, is nothing but an affirmation of the same solution. In fact, the circles in the American ruling class who foment the war to cope with the current situation are those who benefit from events like September 11th.  Indeed, it must be said that they basically needed such events to justify their policies.

That the Afghanistan, a small country that has been ruined by over 20 years of war is suddenly attacked by the great military power of the world and is being bombed so brutally, is not because of the fight against terrorism and the destruction of political Islam, but because of the expansion of militarism by which they want to cope with their economic crises. Indeed, if the goal was the fall of the Taliban and the arrest of bin Laden, neither a war in these dimensions would have been needed, nor bombings of such magnitude would have been necessary.

Everyone knows and it is not a secret that the Taliban was formed by Pakistani army in the context of the policy of America and the interests of some American oil companies such as UNOCAL (7). This fact is so obvious that even recently, Benazir Bhutto, who was the prime minister of Pakistan at the time of formation of Taliban, confessed: “the thought of creating Taliban came from British, managed by American, the Saudis financed it, and I provided the facilities for implementation and executed the project” (Le Monde, September 30, 2001). So, in a situation that Taliban itself is the hand-made of America, then, there is no need for such a military campaign for its fall. It was only enough for the Pakistani army to remove its support behind the Taliban. Regimes like Taliban, the day they lose their masters’ support, they thaw like snow in the summer sun and dissipate in the ground as we saw they did.

The collapse of Shah’s regime is also another experience that made it clear that when Shah lost the support of America and other imperialists, he could not keep the throne and the crown even one day and against the insistence of his foolish servers who encouraged him to resist and not to leave the country, with all abjections he said, what resistance?  Don’t you know that the American ambassador is awaiting for me to only specify the day of my departure!!   

This experience shows that such regimes, when they lose backing of their supportive powers, with abjection and abasement are forced to leave the scene in order to make the scene filled with their new men that seem to be better actors in the new situation to carry out imperialist policies.

Analyzing the American army’s military campaign in Afghanistan and the heavy bombardment from the military stand point, indicates the fact that American issue was not the destruction of Taliban and the arrest of bin Laden, but to achieve bigger goals, otherwise, it was not necessary to launch bombs weighing 6,800kg to defeat the Taliban, which had neither a well-armed and great army and nor large military installations.  Such bombs may be effective in dealing with large armies such as the Russian, Chinese, German, and French armies and, in such wars, pave the way for the advancement of military force. But in a confrontation with an army that did not even have the ability of one military flight and its fire power did not reach the launch sites of the American missile and lacked any military bunkers or bridges and significant roads, what was the need for dropping those bombs.  Indeed, these bombings were not aimed to destroy the Taliban, but in order to scare the people of the world and saber-rattling against potential rivals and pave the way for the direct presence in the region. On the other hand, they were a means for test and consumption of those bombs and facilitating the condition for their re-production.

As you know, in the history of capitalism, it has happened many times that the bourgeoisie has burned down million tons of wheat, coffee, and other goods to fight the economic downturn, and now in Afghanistan, the imperialist bourgeoisie burns humans with its bombs to provide prospect for the prosperity of its military industries.  

The fact is that the militarism and the drumming of the war are the solution to the American bourgeoisie in coping with the economic crisis of the country, which at the same time, promotes the expansion of its sphere of influence and increase of its power in the world. Accordingly, the war on terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism is only justification for the advancement of this policy and is essentially to advance such policies that the imperialist propaganda made such powerful enemies.

Let me conclude this discussion with bringing your attention to one point. The fact is that terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, despite their presence on the political scene of the world, are not the real enemies of America, as American propaganda machine is attempting to show. The fact is that America needs to have an enemy, even self-made enemy, in order to justify its militaristic and aggressive policies. This is due to the fact that the bipolar image of the world has changed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. America remained as the world’s largest military power with a large arsenal without an enemy that justifies the existence of such an arsenal. This fact caused some voices to be raised in America itself for the necessity of shrinking America’s war machine. And in pursuit of that, and in light of the role that this arsenal plays in American economy, politicians have made enemy of convenience to rely on that enemy or enemies, not only to justify their existing of huge arsenal but also to expand it.  For this reason, during the last ten years, we have witnessed how the outlaw countries, Islamic Fundamentalists, countries that are attempting to acquire chemical weapons, and the terrorism were used and considered as such enemies.  One day the missile policy of the Islamic Republic (8) justifies the need for a missile defense shield, and the next day, attempting to acquire a nuclear weapon in certain country would necessitate the expansion of the American nuclear weapons.  The September 11th attack on America’s economic and military symbols, has served to meet the above-mentioned America’s needs, and “terrorism” has entered the scene with all its blessings for the American imperialism. A faceless and without territory enemy, yet powerful and widespread in the whole world, is the blessed enemy that now has made the American politicians not to be worried for some times to create an enemy of convenience, has vast usages. Under the pretext of existence of this enemy, America hopes to be able to play the role of the world gendarme and beat the war drum under the pretext of an “endless war” wherever it is needed, with no worries.   

Indeed, as long as there is a capitalist system, we cannot imagine an end to war and terrorism. But, I have to emphasize, in the face of the terrible realities that imperialists are the creators of, there is another reality as well, and that, the imperialist power is not absolute in the face of masses of the world and their uninterruptable struggles. And the oppressed masses all over the world are able to end the war and terrorism forever by moving toward the destruction of the capitalist system. And the same fact clarifies the duty of the revolutionary forces and shows that, with all power, they must take all the necessary steps in order to expose neocolonialism conspiracies and not let the imperialists, the true organizers and sponsors of terrorism, divert the public opinions and under the pretext of the right to counteract and under the disguise of punishing the perpetrators of terrorism, to conquest and spread their tyrannies.   

The fight against terrorism, in fact, is the code name for American interference in other countries and expansion of its direct domination. The domination that is the main obstacle to the progress and advancement of human societies and only by the destruction of which, the possibility for emancipation and liberty will be at hand. The Siahkal warriors, in order to achieve just this goal which picked up arms and for this reason the masses uprising in February, 1979 raised their flag. Today, it is the duty of all of us to take steps in the same direction and expose the neocolonialism conspiracies.


1. From a leaflet entitled “Against Terrorism for a World Without War and Terror” issued by the “Committee for the Unification of Action for Democracy.” This committee consists of the “Democratic Party of Iran’s Kurdistan”, “The Iran’s Revolutionary Workers Organization (Rah-Kargar)” (the path of worker – Translator), and “The Organization of the people’s Fadaees Allied of Iran.”

2. Arbusto in Spanish means bush (shrub – Translator). By the way, Bush family and bin Laden jointly founded the Carbabel Group in 1978. This Institution is one of the world’s largest private investment firms, with billions of dollars funding. [Arbusto Energy was an oil and gas exploration firm started in 1977 by former U.S. president Georg W. Bush. In 1984, the company merged with Spectrum Energy Corporation.]  

3. In the Western press, former American president Bush, Secretary of State James Baker, during the Reagan administration and Frank Carlucci, the Defense Minister at the Bush (the father) presidency, have been named advisers to bin Laden family companies.

4. From Morocco and Tunisia to Afghanistan and Philippines, everywhere we witness that America has promoted the policy of strengthening Islamic fundamentalist groups in various forms.

5. In the article “War, the Barbaric killing of the Capitalist System” contained in the publication Kar (work – Translator) No. 367, “Minority”, it is stated that: All the powers of the capitalist world and … all of their political, economic, financial, security, police, and spy forces, have been employed to arrest a reactionary person named bin Laden whom was organized by the American intelligence service to massacre the Afghan people in the civil war. Now he has broken his chain to bite them. 

6. Conversation with Farrokh Negahdar, contained in Arash publication, Aban, 1380 (November, 2002 – Translator)

7. UNOCAL one of the companies which was supposed to build a pipeline to bring the Central Asia’s oil and gas via Afghanistan into the Pakistan’s waters and export it to the rest of the world. At that time, the Taliban provided the ground for the implementation of this plan. UNOCAL was one of the official sponsors of this criminal gang (Taliban – Translator). 

8. Despite the exaggerated propaganda of the West regarding the missile power of Islamic Republic, the fact is that some of these missiles exploded shortly after the launch. On the other hand, according to the Al-Hawadeth magazine report, published in London, despite the Israeli government’s propaganda regarding the missile threat of the Islamic Republic, in the reports of the Israeli army, the Islamic Republic missiles are referred to as “motor tubes.”!

January 2020

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